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"RT @BeautySpotterUK: HURRAH! We’ve teamed up with @BeautyMARTUK & @kaymontanolikes for this amaze event. http://t.co/ydhCyRgwhC #BBLOGGERS …"
"'Ghana-proof' light foundation from @EsteeLauder See our latest post on Doublewear Light http://t.co/5NUwCIZzA3"
"NEW POST We tackled the 'what foundation in the heat' Q: Answer? @EsteeLauder @EsteeLauderUK #doublewearlight http://t.co/5NUwCIZzA3"
"It's too. Darn, hot. Nobody photographs people in the heat like Vivian Sasson http://t.co/d9GBH53kiC"