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"RT @wedocurls: Thanks for the shout out @Thandie_Kay ❤️ Cut & Dry by Michael https://t.co/0QCmkp7yWe"
"RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Here's the source. Everyone in Britain is an immigrant. And this country is home to all of us. https://t.co/LOS3aOymCl"
"RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Apply the "logic" of this letter and we would all have to pack our bags. Most of those who identify as "white British" o…"
"RT @NLawrenceOBE: Today marks 25 years since my beloved son was murdered. I want to say Thank You to EVERYONE that has supported my family…"
"Watch tonight! @WestworldHBO https://t.co/FrC1q5sINx https://t.co/s9bmTpjGtO"

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