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"RT @beatieedney: So i want @KateHardie2 as my PR, @SarahMillican75 as Prudie's personal scriptwriter, and @Thandie_Kay to do me a make-ove…"
"RT @emmafreud: Am about to have a facial for first time in about a decade. Will come away with a new face. Am hoping it's Thandie Newton's.#medispa"
"RT @thandienewton: “@Thandie_Kay: NEW POST: Isra'a, a woman of our times' http://t.co/mtJ30ZEJGu http://t.co/zmW9EnrIP9”"
""I’m going to make a Joni Mitchell tribute album. She’s my favourite artist+this is something I’ve been wanting to do for years" Chaka Khan"