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"We love your Q+A @IAmLisaPrice! https://t.co/nZsdJQwmWw https://t.co/mmgPZ77Wkk"
"RT @thandienewton: "I have a son who likes to wear make up sometimes" @IAmLisaPrice keeps it REAL on @Thandie_Kay @carolsdaughter https://thttps://t.co/NuWUo0e87S"
"NEW POST: Q+A with @IAmLisaPrice founder of @carolsdaughter https://t.co/nZsdJQwmWw https://t.co/0A7GgFhsfP"
"Happy Sunday peeps, did you catch up on last week's posts on https://t.co/awGuQK8FUp ? #WeAreDaily https://t.co/fQoW1pztT0"
"RT @brainpicker: Maya Angelou, who died on this day in 2014 , on courage and facing evil https://t.co/1R7nCGijpJ https://t.co/7XVVsYzTnf"

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