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"Pssst...💙A Teaser...💙...#watchthisspace https://t.co/F3zTb9S5Ix"
"Totally relate, this was me once too.. KayX https://t.co/gbtEDOvDyR"
"RT @JenSeniorNY: I thought Nicole Dennis-Benn's "Here Comes the Sun" was a pretty fabulous anti-beach novel: https://t.co/79WDRlFZzC"
"RT @JeffreyGoldberg: Philando Castile memorized the names (and, when relevant, the food allergies) of the 500 children he served: https://thttps://t.co/RItWqrkW3C"
"Looks very interesting.. https://t.co/dOPSnSuwKw"

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