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"Check out our latest piece by artist #KioneGrandison https://t.co/VtaoLL8KVFhttps://t.co/3NJ1vfpse5"
"Inspiring us to dream of being anywhere near these phenomenal women! Thank you @Illamasqua https://t.co/cHF8oJksi3 https://t.co/BEKseZC2xz"
""Get a room" 😜😜 https://t.co/CLEXR9Ff0I"
"Thank you for giving us a seat at this table Illamasqua, we're in unexpectedly divine company! X https://t.co/IJ0CQXrR3X"
"Truly! ⭐️ https://t.co/AdGq9QzDIQ"

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