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Thank you Guillem Turro, who sweetly sat & listened to our stream of consciousness & quietly watched as we showed him a random zillion images we loved from all over the place. From this he went away and came back, not just with our logo, but with the evolution of how he got there, step by step, and with an open heart. Inviting us into his window of processing showed his capacity for collaboration, in both font and in colour, he became a creative extension of what we hoped to convey. We love the THANDIEKAY you designed!

Guillem Turro is a Graphic Design Graduate from Barcelona now pursuing a career in fashion. He is a student at the BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development by London College of Fashion. Guillem worked as an intern at Alexander McQueen where he met our good friend Georgina Goodman who kindly accepted him to work with her at her studio. Guillem is currently in Amsterdam working as an intern in Footwear Design at Tommy Hilfiger after being selected a winner of a competition in collaboration with LCF and is back to London to finish his studies next year.




Thank you Lorenzo Agius for taking such a lovely selection of pictures for us (About Us portrait), we are so grateful to you for tagging us onto the end of  ‘a hard day at the office!’

See Lorenzo’s fabulous work here



Lisa Markwell

Lisa Markwell



Thank you Lisa Markwell (editor) & Gillian Orr (writer) at The Independent for giving us our first bit of press here.

thandiekay thandiekay thandiekay

handiekay thandiekay thandiekay

Kay & Thandie by Jackie Dixon at ThandieKay HQ

Kay & Thandie by Jackie Dixon at ThandieKay HQ

And to Jackie Dixon for taking such a lovely picture of us together.

Jackie Dixon





Susannah Baker Smit

Thanks to photographer Susannah Baker Smith for the beautiful pictures she took for our post  ‘Kay Get’s Thandie Ready for Chanel’. See her website here




Jane Martinson



Bin Guardian

Bin Adewunmi

Thanks to Jane Martinson at The Guardian for commissioning Bim Adewunmi to write this lovely interview here  Correction *Thandie’s parents met in Zambia not Ghana*


Jermaine Francis

Thank you to photographer Jermaine Francis, who has been taking ThandieKay to a whole other level of fabulous-ness with his stunning pictures! See more of his work here

Lily with Lipliners 800

Lily modelling for the ‘Naturally Liplined’ post






e more of his work here

Thank you photographer Lily Bertrand-Webb for her wonderful portraits, such as those in the Antonia Burrell post. And for modelling in the occasional She’s Gotta Have It. Check out Lily’s work here.

Nicole Nodland

Nicole Nodland

The wonderfully talented photographer Nicole Nodland for her numerous contributions to ThandieKay. See Nicole’s work here.


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  3. Hi, I thought you would be interested to see’s uBio page for Thandie Newton:

    We’d love for you to share the link with your audience.


    October 24, 2016 at 6:42 pm

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