Corinne Bailey Rae’s S/S14 edit

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I met Corinne last year when we did some make-up films together for I also follow her on pinterest and let me tell you this stylish lady knows her refs! So how lucky are we to have a Grammy award-winning songstress to review her favourite shows from each city?

Corrine Fro 2012

Corinne on the Frow at Christian Siriano S/S12


Fashion week is over!

This year I have watched it from Los Angeles where I’m recording my album, but thank goodness for, The Sartorialist and Garance Dore!  Here are my personal favourites from New York, London, Milan and Paris. Enjoy!



Is it just me or was the Ashish show amazing?!!  If there are two distinct camps in British fashion, one playful, multi-ethnic, attuned to the street and the other serious, english-rose-celebrating, and conservative, then Ashish is definitely in the former.

I loved this show, inspired by ‘the morning’ after dash to the cornershop. The models, in gorgeously disheveled hair and make-up, wore loose dresses, animal print jumpsuits and torn and holly denim, all festooned with sequins.

Even jogging bottoms got a disco touch, while raw and glittering fabrics had Arabic phrases, such as “thanks for coming”,  woven into them. Velvet slippers were bejewelled, socks mismatched and the Coke emblem was everywhere.

Ashish S/S14

Ashish S/S14

Ashish S/S14

Ashish S/S14


This post-club tribe wore head dresses and jewellery from an imagined Africa and Persia,

and carried shopping bags with re-takes on classic British establishments: M&S became S&M, Tesco was Disco. Sometimes the morning after can be just as much fun as the night before. Asish’s collection really captured that feeling for me.



I woke up in great excitement one morning a few weeks ago, knowing the Prada show had happened and I could take it in over breakfast.
I love Miuccia Prada‘s work . It is so creative and whimsical.


Prada S/S14


Prada S/S14

Hers is clothing as an expression of self; clothes to be bold and free in.

I’ve read a lot about 90s minimalism this season so it was a thrill to see bright colours, faux fur, illustration, jewel encrusted dresses, maximalism, in short, from Prada. She is such a master of colour, shades interplay in such unexpected ways. Bright orange sequinned collars compliment moss green skirts with yellow and black between them. Teal peeks out from behind a racing green coat, with shoes in red and white of course. It all works so perfectly.

I loved the interplay of textures between the various fabrics.

I enjoyed  the uniform/sport reference in those long tube socks as well as the new and ‘non-hippy’ take on the feather head dress.

For more Mrs Prada love see my “crazy 4 miuccia” board on pinterest

New York

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I discovered Marc Jacobs‘ clothes when I first started spending time in New York, around when my debut album came out. These clothes seemed, and still seem to me, to be full of youthful energy. I love his great prints and interesting use of colour. His pieces are so wearable, and there is always something I covet on first sight.


Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S14


Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S14

This is such a remarkable time for fashion with so much to draw on.

A challenge for many designers, or artists in general, must perhaps be to reference the past while making work that feels distinctly of this moment. This Marc Jacobs’ collection succeeded in doing, that for me. The clothes themselves were of this moment, especially in the cut, but it was also the 90s looking back at the 70’s looking back at the 20’s. I saw a 70’s cheerleader in the red and rose-gold shorts, jackets and dresses, but the slightly loose cut made it feel fresh. There was a hint of 1920’s circus in the silky black and ivory closing pieces, whose silver stars made me think of Peirrot. The classic white vest (very 90’s) appeared as the backdrop to several looks, but with a long gold pendant necklace over the top (very now). And wait, I missed the 50s, the powder blue suit with black lapels,  but in billowy silk, lighter and with more movement than a classic teddy boy look. To me, Marc Jacobs has a way of putting distinct twist on things which makes his work so particular to him. Always fresh and fun.
Now I am dreaming about the sparkly jumpsuits for stage.


Louis Vuitton & miu miu

I mean it’s Paris, how can there be one winner? There were so many beautiful shows, I managed to narrow it down to two favourites for you.

Marc Jacobs’ final show for Louis Vuitton was stunning.  A symphony in black, so much lace, leather and so many intricate details. It was opened by Edie Campbell, like a Shakespearean nymph pulling back the curtain, in black feather head dress, tiny black thong and the Steve Spruce for L.V logo painted on naked skin.


Edie Campbell Louis Vuitton S/S14


Louis Vuitton S/S14

There was attention drawn to the midriff with many pieces cropped at the bottom of the ribcage and some gorgeous dresses at the opening with crisscrossed cut out fabric which exposed the sensual waist. This black was sophisticated, gothic and punk with hint of denim underneath here and there.

By contrast the miu miu show was naive, colourful and girlish.

Brightly coloured tights (or long socks?) in many shades,  wrinkled  at the ankle like a school girl’s or a busy librarian’s . The shoes were like scaled up dolly shoes, with an ankle strap. Gorgeous furry sixties coats where shown with with pink tights and teal shoes, or red tights and white shoes. Suits with contrasting panels had large round buttons, and there were bold prints featuring cat’s faces, gold fish, and large 20s stylised illustrations of flowers and women’s faces.  Suede coats and fringed dresses reminded me of a picture book 70’s version of The West.
I tried not to be predictable and pick the two Mrs Prada shows,  I really did.  But I loved this collection from a personal point of view . I want these clothes in my life. I’m imagining myself swanning around in them…

*disclaimer. I am not a fashion journalist. I make up songs and sing them. As such I apologise if some of this doesn’t make sense to you. At my first fashion show I had no idea how to talk about the collections, they wanted an overview (“so much movement, and lightness “), I thought I had to memorise each look and say what I ‘liked’ about it.  I distinctly remember the bemused look on one journalist’s face as I recounted, ‘generation -game style’,  all the looks I’d seen… in order.
Oh well, you live and learn.


Thank you for being our very first ‘fashion editor’ Corinne, beautifully done!

See the ‘Silent Movie Star’ Make-Up video Kay & Corinne did here

Corinne is currently in Los Angeles finishing her 3rd studio album which will be out next year on Virgin Records.

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  1. fullertonregan

    I love everything about you, Corinne Bailey Rae! I cannot wait for album #3!!!!

    October 8, 2013 at 2:32 am
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  3. fullertonregan

    I love everything about you, Corinne Bailey Rae! I cannot wait for album #3!!!!

    October 8, 2013 at 2:32 am

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