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Thandie, Kay & Solange in the back of a London cab


Kay has known Sol since back in the day – both of them scorching the West London Club scene! I met Sol when my youngest girl Nico was born (now 8) to commission one of her script rings  (it says ‘RipleyNico’ and is so part of me it feels like my skeleton on the outside).

I completely fell in love with this Moroccan London artist. Her endlessly evolving collections touch the whole spectrum of who she is – a Goddess whose feet touch the ground.


solange azagury partridge.

1.What is your earliest make-up memory?

Biba-logo_largeEarliest make-up memory  is buying Cyclamen lip gloss from the fabulous Biba store on High St, Ken. I was 14 it was the only make-up I wore. Subtle and almost invisible. But the packaging was beautiful and glamorous. Freddie Mercury was at the make-up counter same time as me wearing a big Afghan jacket!

2.I feel most beautiful when….

I feel most beautiful when I am loved. images-9

3. When you were a child, what was your mother’s beauty routine?


Solange’s 1st scent ‘Stoned’

My mothers beauty routine was much the same as mine is now. cleansing and moisturising her skin twice daily. Very little skin make-up, she focused mainly on her eyes. She has really light hair so always dyed her eyebrows and eyelashes. I remember applying the dye to her eyelashes and teasing her while she was stuck in position with her eyes shut.


Still from ‘The Libertine’, a short film directed by Laurence Dunmore, cinematography John Mathieson, M-Up Kay, Hair Kerry Warn, Wardrobe Charlotte Pilcher


4. Is make-up a chore or a delight?

I feel a bit ambivalent about make-up. I feel like I’m much too high maintenance and would love to do less to make myself presentable.  I wish I was a wash and go type of person. That said I just use eyeliner, mascara, a bit of face powder and when I feel festive some glittery eye pencil.
My father loved my mothers’ freckles and pale skin. He has my colouring and so the paleness of my mother with her red hair and freckles was/is one of his favourite things.   6ece61f1c0dcd2cc_Picture_29

5. What’s your worst beauty mishap?

My worst beauty mishap: I had a really round face when I was younger (still quite round!)  and would dream of cheekbones. So I would brush the darkest powder onto the area my gaunt cheeks would have been and looked very silly.

6. If you could give one beauty gift, what would it be?

The beauty gift I would most like to have is that of long thick straight hair!

7.What would you like to see more of in the beauty industry?

solange azagury partridge, thandie newton

Solange & Thandie at Fashion’s Night Out 2010

I’d like to see more ordinary beauty portrayed In the beauty industry. Beautiful women plucked from obscurity to represent a brand.

8. When was the last time your mascara ran, and why?Solange-Azagury-Partridge-HearthOfGold

My mascara last ran when I heard my friend David Collins had died.

See Solange’s new website here

Her new brand temple is located at 5 Carlos Place in Mayfair. Get ready to be wowed.

Read what style.com have to say about the rebirth of Solange in this report here

See the make-up, hair and story behind Solange’s new collection ‘Metamorphosis’ here

You can also check out one of Thandie, Kay and Solange’s many collaborations below. This short film directed by Laurence Dunmore (The Libertine) and stars Thandie as an independent woman who has her priorities very much in place!  The film was screened to launch Solange’s ‘Stoned’ collection in 2009.


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