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thandieEYELINERThandie: ‘Growing up back-stage (I performed with The Royal Festival ballet when I was 12) the image of ballerinas with striking black eye liner burned into my psyche. I’ve always been attracted to the strength of a sharply lined eye – it’s bold, daring, and can only be pulled off with a complete understanding of the drama in life. It’s the signature of the archetypal diva – Streisand, Callas, Ross, Loren. If you’re going to go there you have to go there with DRAMA – no close-to-the-lashes ‘heavy natural’, no, a painted eye liner is the face-script that says I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!  Also, the ’60s eye’ wasn’t just a make-up look in isolation – it was rooted in a time of major political happenings – feminism (the mini skirt! birth control!), anti war, black power… When I get my black eyeliner ON I’m tracing a line back to all of that, and honoring the freedom and power I’ve inherited from women in the past century.’


In bed with Alexa.

Kay: I’ve known Eyeko founders Nina and Max left ever since I got in touch with Nina via twitter.

Instead of doing the customary tea with declined cakes beauty-meet, I accepted Champagne with the confidently mini-dressed Nina. We talked business and made plans, but in a ‘naughty party girls bunking off’ kind of way. Aside from preferring our calories in fizzy form, we had an important thing in common-we love Making Eyes.  Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.31.31




 Eye Make-up Nerds Unite!

EYEKO ALEXA“You know I’m a mascara obsessive – it’s such a key product for me and I’m on a mission to create mascaras that really deliver”  says Nina.
I admit what drew me to the brand before I even tried their products, was Eyeko’s packaging and design. Nina and Max believe this is just as important as performance, and the Eyeko aesthetic plays on the idea of heritage. Their ‘dual single mindedness’ ensures that their products are truly unique-they created what looks like a blue guitar plectrum which is actually an ‘Eyeko Shield lid guard’ to stop you messing up the rest of your make-up as you apply mascara. I love using it to really ‘get in there’ and literally get to the root of the eye m-up on the models and actresses I work with. It helps with precision and can gently move the delicate skin around the eye area for a more thorough application.

“Working on our first limited edition set with Alexa Chung has been fantastic as our visual aesthetic is so similar” say’s Nina.  “If you think of her style there is an almost retro element, yet she always looks very modern. That’s how I think of Eyeko. From our first meeting together Alexa began doodling eyes all over her napkin with whimsical little faces reminiscent of Jean Cocteau illustrations that I love- so we had to include them somehow.  We also worked with a great friend of Alexa’s, artist Alia Penner
who also shares a passion for 60’s collage elements and great hand-drawn typography.  I’m super proud of what we’ve created together and can’t wait to share it at our global launch on the 14th at Selfridges.” Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 18.59.09


                                      Well we just had to add Ms Ross wearing eyeliner….  Diana-ross-afro

                  Finally here are 2 films that Kay created for Eyeko with Chris Floyd

SHOP at  EYEKO.COM  Also available at BeautyMart.com


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