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Dakota Fanning

Photo David Slijper for Elle

I spent many lovely Sundays with Dakota when she was in London shooting my husband’s film ‘Now Is Good‘ (you MUST see her performance in the film – it’s staggering). She and her Mom would come for lunch and we’d gossip and hang out. My daughters adore her.

Whether she’s talking about her childhood craze for Hello Kitty, or working with Juergen Teller and every A -list Director in Hollywood, she moves effortlessly between teenager and woman. The only sign that she’s grown up in the glaring headlights of movie stardom is her CV of wonderful performances – and they just keep coming.

She’s a darling of the Film Festival circuit – and this year alone completed three great looking movies which we can’t wait to see – ‘Very Good Girls‘, ‘Night Moves’ and ‘The Last of Robin Hood‘. On top of that, Dakota is studying at NYU, has travelled with the Clinton Foundation, models glorious campaigns for Marc Jacobs, is the coolest big sister ever, and graciously ate all the strawberries on the dessert I made for her, before admitting that actually she hated fruit! She’s also got the wryest sense of humor; at the end of her time in London she gave me an adorable ‘Links’ necklace with a ‘strawberry’ charm – ha! If we had a ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ for girlfriends, Dakota would be top of the list.


1.What is your earliest make-up memory?


Marc Jacobs Lola campaign by Juergen Teller

When I was little I would go to my grandmother’s vanity and pull out all her make up and play for hours. I remember layering eyeshadows and lipsticks and lip glosses on top of each other. I thought that I looked fabulous.

 2. I feel most beautiful when…

I feel most beautiful after a nice bath. I have a routine afterwards and after it is complete, I feel fresh, relaxed and beautiful.

 3. When you were a child, what was your Mother’s beauty routine?

My mother’s beauty routing has always been quite simple. She never really wore any make up and she didn’t need to. It made me realize from a young age that I didn’t need a massive beauty routine to be beautiful or to feel beautiful.


Sister Elle making up Dakota for W Magazine by Mario Sorrenti


 4. Is make-up a chore or a delight?

It is most definitely a delight!! I don’t wear much make up day to day, so I enjoy experimenting when I’m going somewhere special.

Dakota Fanning


 5. Did your father refer to your Mother’s beauty, and how?

My father always told us how beautiful my mom was. He is completely a man’s man and admittedly knows absolutely nothing about anything girly. He always told me and my sister to trust our mother.



6. What’s been your worst beauty mishap?dakota_fanning_1278552636

I have been pretty lucky with few beauty mishaps (in my eyes at least ha!). I died my hair brown for a film and although I enjoyed it for a little while, it was difficult. My skin is so pale and the contrast of having dark brown hair was a little harsh.

 7. If you could give one beauty gift what would it be?

I would give anything from Chanel. From their eye cream to their nail polishes to their mascara, everything is a dream. Chanel products line my bathroom counter.

 8. Where’s the craziest place you’ve done your make-up?

Now that the iPhone has a frontal camera, I have a mirror everywhere I go! I have done my make up in many a taxi using my phone as a mirror.

 9. What would you like to see more of in the beauty industry?

I would like to see more discussion about the idea of less being more. Make-up doesn’t make one beautiful. Its purpose is to enhance the natural beauty that everyone already possesses.

 10. When was the last time your mascara ran, and why?

I think it’s important to have a good cry every now and again. Sometimes I have to just let all the stress and anxiety out. After, I was feeling much better until I looked in the mirror…


Dakota has 3 new films out next year, ‘Night Moves’, ‘The Last of Robin Hood’ & ‘Very Good Girls’.


  Watch Dakota (with Elizabeth Olsen) in ‘Very Good Girls’.


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