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Sarah Brimley (far right) from left with Fenton Bailey, Pharrell, Bailey & Cara Delevingne

You don’t think of designer T shirts when you think of David Bailey, he has more of the ‘iconic photographer’ tag attached to his line of expertise.

However, that’s exactly what he did with this range that he created in partnership with The Bleach Room, sold exclusively at Selfridges.

The photographer’s collection features six collage artwork designs which were printed onto the t-shirts. The designs are based on some of his most famous portraits, featuring Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp, Sir Michael Caine, Boy George, Grace Jones and John Lennon.

Bailey said of the launch “It’s not fashion; it’s just a t-shirt.”

The 76-year-old added, “Not everyone can afford a print so it’s a nice way of making my work available for everyone, I think it’s quite nice that everyone can have a t-shirt that has an image with some history behind it.”

Photographed exclusively for ThandieKay by one of Bailey’s actual assistants Sarah Brimley, here they are..

Charlie in the Grace T

Charlie in the Grace Jones T

Alyusha in the T

Singer Alyusha Chagrin in the Mick Jagger T

Yrsa in the

Yrsa in the John Lennon T

Charlie in the Jonny T

Charlie in the Johnny Depp T

Alyusha in the George T

Alyusha in the Boy George T


Yrsa in the Michael Caine T (we know you can’t see it but we couldn’t resist zooming in on Yrsa!)

















































































































































Thandie in the Grace Jones T

Thandie in the Grace Jones T

Photographed by Sarah Brimley Follow her on twitter


Hair by Anna Cofone, follow her on twitter. M-up by Kay

Charlie Siddick at Models 1. Follow Charlie on instagram
Yrsa Daley Ward Author of ‘On Snakes and Other Stories’.

Actor/Model.   Poet. Follow Yrsa on Twitter

Alyusha Chagin. Follow Alyusha on Twitter or Soundcloud

T-Shirts £30 available here



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  1. Where can I purchase one of David Baileys shirts? I tried going to the Selfridges website but couldn’t find them. I reside in Canada.

    May 17, 2016 at 3:36 am

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    1. Kay Montano

      They are likelt]y to be out of stock now…Sorry!

      May 17, 2016 at 9:41 am

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