The Curl Rules by Ojon’s Jennie Roberts

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At work with Jennie

Thandie and I have worked with hairdresser Jennie Roberts many times over the years, and I’ve always admired her well-maintained, tight and beautifully conditioned curls. I bumped into her the other day on the 1st floor of London’s Corinthia Hotel, amidst the flurry of a press junket we were both working on – and her curls looked particuarly good. Unlike Thandie, I’ve been behind the scenes all my life, so am no pro when it comes to my own hair. I still struggle with getting my wild froth into smooth curls.  So, I had to ask her how she did it.

She was also raving about Ojon (she’s now an ambassador-on meeting her for the first time I took one look at her and said ‘oh my, it’s Mrs Ojon’),

Then Jennie told me that Thandie modelled her hairstyle in ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ on Jennie’s actual hair!

So it was all too good not to share….


Jennie’s curl rules..

“I have naturally frizzy curly hair that needs some smoothing out in order to create the perfect curl.

My ritual starts with Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner.

Once I do the initial brush through of my wet hair, I then start to layer the various products that give me perfectly smooth curls. An important ‘rule of curl’ is that I never brush my hair again once the layering starts as this tends to pull my curls straighter instead of bouncy.


Thandie in Run Fatboy Run

















After shampooing, I smooth  Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner through my hair-this helps to keep the cuticle tightly closed and weighs down my hair just enough to hold the curl in place.

After this I then use a small dollop of Ojon Pro Fade Glossing Cream, I have coloured hair so this protects the colour and also smooths the cuticle for a perfect curl.

The final layer of product is Mousse. This seals in everything and really smooths the cuticle for frizz-free curls.

Throughout my hair ritual,  I keep in mind my objective- and that is super smooth curls, The Curl Rulesso remember this when handling your hair-don’t ruffle or rub- or even towel dry your hair.


Drying hair for the ‘perfect curl’

This particular method of application should be used on hair that is very wet and just hand-squeezed dry. Hair can either be left to dry (handle as little as possible whilst it expands and only touch hair from underneath, so not to effect texture), or dry using a diffuser.

Gently place hair in diffuser without moving around, just have patience and let each section dry before moving on and make sure you dry the roots too-this gives it lift.

About once a week I’ll use the Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment for added smoothness.


Jennie’s Curl Recipe



Apply to dry hair and leave for at least half an hour-longer if possible. Wash out and style as normal. This will leave your locks smoother and super shiny.

When my curls are past their best and need wetting to revitalise the texture I wash with the Ojon Co Wash.

This is a great product if you need to wash hair that’s not dirty but just needs to be restyled. Great for in-between regular shampoo as it’s a gentle cleanser and will condition hair with its coconut derived base.”

See Ojon’s US website and UK website

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