Gift Idea: Stoned perfume by Solange Azagury Partridge

To step inside of the world of jeweller Solange Azagury Partridge is to trip into the coolest club in Alice in Wonderland in the small hours. It’s run by the hookah-smoking-caterpillar dude and is a place where pastel, beige, and hairbands like Alice’s won’t pass the velvet rope. Unless they’re wearing Stoned of course..

In the world of Solange, all is sumptuous and red velvet-clad and as you walk upon carpets of rainbows you’ll discover walls decorated with solar systems and neon rather than repeating florals and old portraits. And the jewels!  Collections with names such as ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Unwearable Jewels’, ‘Platonic’, ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Zodiac’,  I mean-where and how do I begin to describe them? You simply HAVE to visit her world here…..

Stoned in the world of Solange

A magic bottle of  STONED in the world of Solange


 Stoned Perfume

The Stoned fragrance was designed by Solange with reknowned London perfumer Lyn Harris. Laced with diamond dust, Stoned envelopes you in notes of Italian bergamot, classic rose, jasmine absolute, labdanum, tree moss, musk and vanilla bourbon. The red, glass bottle with old fashioned ‘stopper’ has a cross-legged Goddess sitting atop a fat pile of rubies. What better to have centre stage on your dressing table, reminding you of the Goddess that you are. The perfume is rich and infinitely sexy – the kind that has people stop you in the street to ask who-what-how? It’s the gift for a Goddess. Period.

Here are a few rings and ‘tings from her collection entitled  ‘STONED’









Watch Thandie star with Jason Isaacs in Solange’s short film’The Letter’ directed by Laurence Dunmore

Stoned is around $285 / £182

Stoned is around $285 / £182


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