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As Grace Travis in Rogue

As Grace Travis in Season 1 of Rogue

I love beauty tips when you’re not expecting them. ‘Happened a few weeks ago when I was in FREEEEZING Toronto shooting the 3rd Season of Rogue. (Kay you’ll love this one.) I’m always apprehensive of working with new hairdressers – for obvious reasons. I never assume someone’s going to know my hair better than me. And of course no one should – but they can definitely add to your knowledge.  All of you familiar with my character in Rogue know that I play Grace Travis – indestructible and relentless.

In the second season we decided to strip her back to the raw, and part of that transformation was to let my hair go natural.

Rogue hair in Season 2 with co star Cole Hauser

Rogue hair in Season 2 with co star Cole Hauser

It’s been a great decision; but tough to maintain the curls every day without destroying my hair. One reason for this has been using hair pieces with toupee clips.

Toupee Clips

Toupee Clips

Usually the rows of extensions are attached into my hair by backcombing at the root.


Thandie Newtons Hair

Here’s something I prepared earlier…



Kay got up to mischief with Photoshop! Spot the Nubian beauty!

Trying to detangle at the end of the day puts a lot of strain on my hair. Which is why I was delighted by this little hair puppy.

Our fab new hairstylist Josie Stewart shared this hair tip with me.  Schwarzkopf DUST IT mattifying powder. I mean, no wonder I hadn’t used it – technically it’s for balding dudes who want to thicken their hair.

I’ve seen a similar powder being used on a number of actors in the make up trailer – in different shades, but it had a powdery consistency. This product felt different -the powder has an AMAZING sticky texture, like nothing you’ve ever sampled between your digits. And applied to the hair at the scalp it instantly increases thickness, and voila – toupee combs grip to it perfectly, without having to back comb! But frankly, it would be great for anyone with thinning hair – and there are plenty of girls with that problem, not just fellas.

I think it’s a great product to experiment with (for styling) in general.

It has less weight than pomades or waxes, and amazing ‘hold’ which you could work wonders for a tousled ‘up do’.

I highly recommend giving this discreet little pot a go. I was thrilled with the result – especially as I would never have dreamt of using it, or sampling it in a pharmacy.

I think Schwartzkopf could consider sexing up their packaging for that reason – the branding hasn’t changed since forever – and I can definitely imagine a beautiful silhouette of a Nubian sister in that regal spot. You read it here first at ThandieKay!

Nubian Schwarzkopf DUST IT Lady







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