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Celebrating my frizz for our Porter shoot last year

Celebrating my frizz for our Porter shoot last year

We’ve been really stoked by the response to our #FrizzChallenge.

Finally we can appreciate the merits of frizzy hair, and add it as an option to all our wicked styles!

That’s what ThandieKay is about – nothing’s off the table – and the table is a veritable feast of beauty, power and endless discovery.

Thank you for taking the Frizz trip with us – we love your beautiful, frizzy hair y’all.

Perhaps worth mentioning is why FrThandie Newton's Frizz Easeizz was disliked in the first place? And I think it’s to do with MOISTURISING and health of the hair. Just because you get a frizz on, doesn’t mean you want your hair to be crunchy, brittle and allergic to a comb (no matter how wide toothed she is).

This made me re-visit the first ever hair serum on the planet –  John Frieda’s Frizz Ease.

The inimitable hairdresser Kerry Warn gave me my first vial of Frizz Ease. The clear, globby gel was a revelation for the fuzz. Kerry and I worked together on Mission Impossible 2. He’s a magician with hair – he could even get curling irons through the fuzz on a Kiwi Fruit – he’s that good! I had natural hair in those days – and wore a wig in the movie. I would apply Frizz Ease to my damp hair under the wig, and at the end of the day my curls would tumble out like Cleopatra out of the rolled up carpet – gorgeous.

Thandie Newton's hair The genius of Frizz Ease is the weightless conditioning, and how it seals the cuticle and zips those split ends right up. Combined with the heat of a blow dry and flat iron – the results are amazing. I do think that Frizz Ease hit the market at just the right time – the 90s Blow Dry was a must have for cats and vixens in every city. Since then the product has been copied by everyone – and I do like a lot of serums out there.

So, on a trip to London recently for the premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I arrived at Claridges without my hair kit.


In a panic, I rushed to Boots to stock up – and there was Frizz Ease. I hadn’t used it for years and wanted to see how it stood the test of time. Since the 90s she’s had a few siblings – so, sucked in by the promises on the bottle I went for the new Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum.

And here, dear Blogsters, are the results. A perfectly luscious DIY blow dry (see my DIY blow dry Post here)– which stayed straight and shiny ’til the Bollywood stars made their exit.

Thandie Newton red carpet


John Frieda’s Frizz Ease is still the genius product that it always was. Hard to beat. Whether you’re featuring curls, frizz, or a sharp blow dry – lock in the moisture with a great product.


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