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Post by Thandie.

So I’ve noticed over the last few years that strange, soft, mini mounds have developed at the top of my cheeks. I didn’t pay too much attention initially, and assumed it was lack of sleep – and a BFF for my puffy morning eyes.

Hello mini mounds

Hello mini mounds

Then when shooting Rogue Season 2, lovely make up artist Rita Ciccozi found she needed to highlight BELOW the mounds as a way of disguising them. I mean, what were these bizarre bumps and what the hell were they doing on my face?

Kay explained – they’ve always been there – but what has gone, is my full, youthful, marshmallow cheek underneath. Bingo! I’m kind of relieved that the mounds are normal… and fascinated by this part of the ageing process. We lose firm muscle fullness as we get older – and the result can often be flat cheeks. So, it gives the illusion of puffy under eyes and a heavier jawline. Hmmmmmm. The solution for many people is to re-puff the cheeks with filler. Makes sense.

Unless there’s another way. And groan with irritation if you like, but a cheek filling SMILE really does the trick.  Try it – look in a mirror and be expressionless – you might find (over 40) that gravity is not helping and there’s a flatness. Then, smile – just smile. Look at the radiance in your eyes – the life and warmth. And your cheeks – full and gorgeous right? I remember now that there’s an unhelpful saying that when we hit 50 we need to either choose chubbiness and a lovely face, or skinniness and a drawn, older face.

Absolute nonsense, but I get the jist.

The other things is, many of us don’t smile for the camera, or the mirror (our personal paparazzi). We pout, we brood etc. Disastrous for the flat cheek issue. But also, what kind of expression is that anyway? When do we use that expression other than to manipulate the viewer into thinking we’re sexy and badass. Maybe it’s time to swap out ‘bad ass’ for ‘nice cheeks’? And that whole aesthetic – that whole pouty thing – it’s reserved for red carpet, catwalk and paparazzi… are those 3 places worth shooting needles into our cheeks for? Photographs? Since when are photographs REAL LIFE anyway? Surely it’s more important that our faces are crucial instruments for moment to moment communication with other people? Photographs get dusty in a drawer – or are dribbled on in magazines. The photos that matter are on shelves or in wallets for our beloveds – and aren’t we smiling in those?

Smile. Just smile.

The benefit of this non invasive technique also means you can turn it on and off at will. Filler is a slippery slope – before you know it you’ve spent shit loads, and you have to ‘fix’ other bits of your face to disguise the bit you’ve been fixing.

Bye bye mini mounds

Bye bye mini mounds

There will no doubt come a day when someone on-line like me, will try and charge you $50 for smiling – but until then, absolutely be my guest and try it out. For free.




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