Pink Pamplemousse

Love Thandie.

Pamplemousse – aka grapefruit. Since my school days I’ve always loved the french name for it.

Known as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Barbados’ – it’s actually an accidental hybrid between an orange and a pomelo. When it was discovered it was nicknamed ‘The Forbidden Fruit’. How very ThandieKay of them – a hybrid that is forbidden –  and I thought it was just the taste that I loved!

Pink Grapefruit is definitely having a moment. I was a bit snooty at first – growing up in working class England, where a half grapefruit eaten at breakfast was just about the naffest thing you could serve up (and it took a pile of sugar to make it edible). Not so with the PINK variety. I was at a friend’s house recently, and Emma offered me a piece of said fruit, and as it touched my tongue I heard the larks sing. Divine.

My friend also said that grapefruit had hunger fighting properties…

I did a bit of research -technically the fruit doesn’t but perhaps the pith (white fluffy stuff) can stave off hunger. Ho Hum.

 It tastes great and that’s my jam.

Eartha Kitt

SeaBreeze cocktail anyone? Vodka (optional), Grapefruit juice, Cranberry, squeeze of lime

It also brought back memories of drinking Sea Breezes when I was a teenager- deciding that it was ‘my’ cocktail.

Grapefruit juice, a hint of cranberry juice and vodka. It looks like a sunset in a glass.

And recently, I went giddy for the scent of a candle by new brand Le Feu de L’eau (fantastic make up artist Jo Strettle is one half of the brain behind the brand). The scent? Tobacco and grapefruit… It is irresistibly gorgeous.

Kay came to stay in Malibu Cali. when we were shooting the cover of New African Woman – and I noticed her Burt’s Bees citrus and ginger shower gel – I tried it. Energising and luscious, and filled with grapefruit.

So friends – here’s a round up of  Grapefruit inspired products that I can’t get enough of…

Good enough to eat… ‘Burt’s Bees’ citrus and ginger  Body Wash. ‘Le Feu de L’eau’ candle in ‘Violet’. ‘Fresh’ Grapefruit Shower Gel and Body Lotion.







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