Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in Noir Cendre

Posted by Kay

Brows have been getting a lot more attention the last few years.


They look good on them, does that mean they look good on someone else…?

The thing I like the most is the return to the natural-looking brow. But as is usual with mainstream beauty press, there is a ‘one size fit’s all’ mentality, so a ‘natural brow’ becomes ‘get someone else’s natural brow‘ which as a make-up artist is COMPLETELY missing the point..!

Don’t mess with your unique design!

The reason someone else’s brows look good on them, is because they are theirs! Nature has your features in mind and they all work together.

Messing too much with natural ‘design’ will never be as beautiful as accentuating what you already have. That’s why I see my work as a make-up artist as enhancing, rather than changing someone.

With that in mind Thandie and I had fun with the natural shape of her ‘arch’.

Chanel-Eyebrow-Pencil close up

I have a whole section in my kit devoted to every brow’s need and I wanted to try something on Thandie’s brows that I hadn’t before, the idea of widening them without over-darkening them, which I often find ‘hardens’ the face too much. 2399324

I used Chanel’s brow pencil in Noir Cendre because of it’s easy-to-use formulation with a handy brush on the end.

The two most important aspects of an eyebrow pencil for me are:

1: A hard pencil because it ensures a sheer, natural application. Keep soft black pencils for your eyes, where density and smudging create a little smoulder.

2: A shade that is not warm in tone. Most eyebrow products are for me, way too ‘warm’ in tone, which neglects the fact that the skin underneath will automatically warm up any colour applied. That’s why I never use browns, they just don’t replicate the shade of real brow hair.

This Chanel pencil is a very sheer black that, when well-sharpened, and applied in a ‘feathering out’ way gives a dramatic feel to the eyes without looking harsh. Finish by using a cheap clear mascara, my favourite brow gel!

See Chanel’s website for colourways and price.

NewAfricanWoman Beauty 800

Thandie photographed in Malibu by Jackie Dixon for New African Woman, hair Patricia Morales, makeup by Kay





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