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It’s no surprise that our skin, the largest organ of the body, reflects our wellness or lack thereof. This tender yet powerful coating is a wonder of complexity. And yet we expect it to do its job AND look good!

Thandie on the beachBy caring for our skin, we directly affect the health of our organs, and vice versa. A good diet, well functioning digestive system, hydration and gentle cleansing – all these create a balance that can glow from our skin.

Obviously, hormones and environmental factors are more difficult to control. Which is why a little help from fantastic skincare brand Murad goes a long way. I love the Acne Body Wash so much, that I now don’t mind standing in line at Sephora with ACNE BODY WASH in my basket!

I’ve tried other less expensive products, and in general the levels of salicylic acid are such that they dry out my skin and cause more problems.

The wonder of the Murad Body Wash is that it’s gentle and effective.

I use a little on my back every day and it stabilises skin rejuvenation, gently removing dead skin or build up of sweat, leaving my skin feeling and looking great.

I notice a big change when I don’t use it – I quickly develop pimples.

The problem is going between differing climates, and my skin going from sun to being covered in layers of fabric and wool in the cold. So I depend on the body wash to regulate my skin. murad thandiekay

The Clarifying Body Spray works well for more serious conditions – staying on the skin for longer periods of time. The Clarifying Wipes are fantastic for the gym or in places where you’re likely to sweat.

Wonderful facialist Rene Anderson at Lulur Day Spa in West Hollywood once told me that leaving sweat to dry on the skin is a big cause of breakouts. These wipes are a secret weapon.

thandie newton murad blemish skincareMurad was founded by Dr. Howard Murad, a renowned dermatologist whose philosophies regarding skin involve inside-out, holistic wellness. He treats thousands of people in his LA office every year, which is what inspires the skincare range, his research, books, and lifestyle programs.





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