Stocking Fillers for Christmas: Kaye Blegvad’s designs

Kaye Blegvad is a designer, illustrator and jeweler (and daughter of American musician, songwriter, and cartoonist Peter Blegvad, once a member of pop band Slapp Happy).


Kaye has made a name for herself as a successful designer and we cannot get enough of her stuff. Starting off our Christmas gift list this year we just had to include her ‘Eternal Sisterhood Pin’. The pin is made of gold metal with black hard enamel or black metal and white enamel and is described as an ‘ode to the sanctity of female friendship’. We could not possibly find a more perfect gift to express the bond of sisterhood that we are all about. Not to mention it’s so gorgeous! The simple symmetry and boldly contrasted, yet minimal use of colour are attractive and easy to pair with. Each pin retails at $10.00.



Okay! so we found it way too difficult to pick just one object from the Kaye Blegvad shop so we decided to offer you another Christmas gift option (this one is a slightly higher price range at $75.00). Kaye’s ‘Kissing Cup’ series was recently added to the online shop and is selling fast. Great gift. There are four very similar cups, but all with slight variations as they are hand made and decorated. Each also has a couple of small pieces of black sediment caught in the glaze and are sold as is. All glazes are non-toxic and food safe. The website adds that as each is handmade they come wit ‘wonky bits to prove it’. We love the individualism of the ‘imperfections’ of the cups and imagine they’re just perfect for sipping on some mulled wine.

Check out more of the Kaye Blegvad shop here.

For our UK shoppers, the website is here (to make sure your holiday gifts arrive on time)


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