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Feeling Fervent Blue, by Chanel

Post by Thandie

Thandie Natural


I’ll never forget spending the evening with Stella McCartney a few years ago. I turned up at her house red carpet ready;  her date for the premiere of the documentary Food Inc. It was dinner time at the Willis residence; they had 3 kids then, and all were busy eating pasta, hummus and veggie deliciousness. I was in awe of how easily she was raising her brood to be vegetarian. Stella had zipped back from work, was having a lark with her young-uns, and what felt like minutes later we were in the car on our way.… Read more...

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The Brown and Silver Screen

Post by Kay

There are so many genres out there with highly questionable ethics, particularly genres of the past (which rather annoyingly have an enduring, appealing aesthetic). playboy-1971Take Blaxploitation – strong statements about the way women are seen, heard and portrayed, and of course the way people of colour are seen, heard and portrayed.

Then there’s the whole vintage Playboy thing; many of the photographs are fabulous, and their costumes (designed by African American Zelda Wynn Valdes) are often inspired. But when aesthetic brain catches up with ethical brain, we realise that women have been made into bunny rabbits! Oh.… Read more...

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Who do we ‘Make-Up’ for and Why? By Olivia Gagan

The thing that forced me into considering my stance on makeup – OLIVIA GAGANwho I wore it for, why I wore it – was an old boyfriend.

He lent against the kitchen doorframe one evening, enquiring into my face. “You’ve done that thing with make-up with your eyes,” he said, clumsily.

Fear and a touch of disdain was mixed into his voice. The words came out accusingly: you have purposefully altered yourself, to try and make yourself more appealing.

For who? Was the unspoken question in his voice. For him, hopefully. For another man, maybe.

Except I hadn’t. Men were not on my mind when I’d worked a soft black pencil into my lashes that day, flicking it out at the end, softening the line with my fingers.… Read more...

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Spring Clean and Reboot your Eye Shadows!

Post by Thandie.

I discovered the gorgeous Surratt palettes on a rare trip to Sephora. The rich pigment (nearly 10 years in the making by make up artist Troy Surratt in Japan) and velvety soft texture almost justified the expense! I decided to invest in Artistique Blush in Rougeur, Artistique Eyeshadow in Cuivre, and Marron for my palette; it inspired my Oscar party make-up look.

Thandie's Surratt Blush and Eyeshadows thandiekay

Before. My sad Surratt pallette :-(

Before. My sad Surratt pallette 🙁

Only days later on a work trip, I unpacked my make-up bag and groaned – suspicious plum coloured powder covered everything.

Another palette had bitten the dust.…

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Eyes Like to Party

Posted by Kay

Whatever the decade, whatever the style and whatever the woman, there are SO many variations on the ultimate party make-up look, the ‘if all else fails to bring a look together’ number one default setting, the smoky eye.

Eyes Like To Party

Eyes Like To Party

And boy, did Thandie bust one of her most smokin’ looks at the Vanity Fair Oscar party the other week, all without my help as I was in London! If this acting lark doesn’t work out Thandie, this make-up artist’s in TROUBLE.

Thandie Newton Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016Stepping out in Jimmy Choo’s, and with the help of the fabulous stylist Rosemary Kokuhilwa Thandie pulled in a pretty black ‘slip-inspired’ dress by Dennis Blasso (is it a slip, is it a dress?Read more...

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Smoky Eyes, Bright Lips

Posted by Kay:

When Thandie posted this cute #SayHerName-selfie on the way to the Essence ‘Black Women in Hollywood’ luncheon last week, I emailed her straight away and said what make-up were you wearing, we gotta tell our readers!

Smoky eyes are giving us life when worn with a bright, almost summer ‘pop’ of colour.Thandie Beauty Shot #sayhername

I’ve been doing this a lot with my actresses in the last year, there’s just something about the way a bright watermelon, coral or pink can ‘uplift’ the smoulder. You can’t beat a smoky eye, it’s always been cool, it always will be-but sometimes, especially when you’re wearing black, it can all be a bit gloomy.… Read more...

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Meet Beauty Blogger Hafsa Issa-Salwe

Post by Kay

I first came across Hafsa through our friend (co-founder of online beauty edit store ) Millie Kendall. Hafsa was doing some work there and Millie said, “you have to meet Hafsa, you’d find her really interesting’. Hafsa of MuslimahBeauty thandiekay_edited-1I’ve since followed her award-winning blog and have been meaning to write about here for ever-so finally, meet the lovely Hafsa!


Where are your parents from?

My parents are from Somalia, but arrived in the UK over 25 years ago by way of Kenya, India and Italy

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in London, but I spent my late teen years growing up between London and Saudi Arabia.… Read more...

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Posted by Kay.

My lips giving you sleepless nights. Thank you @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist. Ama [sic] get me 3 of these.” Ugandan born model Aamito Lagum on her instagram

Aamito Lagum blue lips mac matte royalWay to go with the response Aamito-bravo!

We don’t feed (or direct you to) the trolls here at ThandieKay, we prefer to encourage who and what we love, fuelling the positive rather than echoing the negative so I’m choosing the positive thing about the clickbating storm in an IG cup over Aamito’s beautifully posted pout at the Ohne Titel AW16 in NYC last week.… Read more...

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Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in Noir Cendre

Posted by Kay

Brows have been getting a lot more attention the last few years.


They look good on them, does that mean they look good on someone else…?

The thing I like the most is the return to the natural-looking brow. But as is usual with mainstream beauty press, there is a ‘one size fit’s all’ mentality, so a ‘natural brow’ becomes ‘get someone else’s natural brow‘ which as a make-up artist is COMPLETELY missing the point..!

Don’t mess with your unique design!

The reason someone else’s brows look good on them, is because they are theirs! Nature has your features in mind and they all work together.… Read more...

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Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm

Posted by Kay

Is it a lip pencil, is it a lipstick, is it a lipbalm? No-it’s all of them at once!

Thandie wearing ‘Graped Up Chubby Stick


Never mind defining Clinique’s Chubby Stick, this fuss-free gem is a no-brainer in the lip- wear department. Something you just have in your handbag at all times. Great for daytime, plus the perfect understated lip finish to ensure that when you go from day to night, your lips complement any eye make-up, keeping the most smouldering smokey eye the non-tarty side of cool.

Comes in many colours, check them out here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.15.35

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