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DisneyRollerGirl and her Jungle Queen lipstick

Navaz in Jungle Queen Lipstick

Navaz wears Jungle Queen. Shirt by Kenzo, hair by Hayley at We Are Cuts London

Navaz Batliwalla set up her blog DisneyRollerGirl in 2007, when the Internet was more of a wave of chat rooms, where aside from established fashion sites such as, there was little in the way of style edits or online features on ‘just under the radar’ fashion brands.

Navaz is also a freelance journalist and stylist and has worked with Dior, GAP and Chloe.

“Lipstick Queen’s ‘Jungle Queen’ is my favourite subtle coral-red for when I need a bit of colour but don’t want a full-on scarlet mouth.”


We agree, it’s a perfect daytime coral-red, it’s sheer, with a modern, non glossy finish and as easy to wear as a lip balm.… Read more...

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Fairy Drops Mascara

Millie Kendall OBE, formerly of trailblazing brand Ruby & Millie, is one half of expert ‘online beauty product edit’ BeautyMART alongside Anna-Marie Solowij, former beauty director of Vogue.


“I swear by this mascara and it is one of those products I am so proud to have launched in the UK.

Fairy Drops Mascara in Scandal Queen. I have “lash issues” from years of sleeping in my make up, and this just lifts and separates without making my lashes feel stiff. And it is easy to remove (should have learnt to do that 2 decades ago!).”

Kay says: ‘It’s the unique brush that seems to automatically do what my conventional ‘left-to right at the root before sweeping upward’ manouvre does, without the manouvre’

Bibi Eyes

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Boots – A Love Story

Post by Thandie.

I love Boots. It’s as gently and reassuringly British as ‘Walls’ ice cream, or the seaside.  Screen-Shot-2014-06-13-at-13.09.03-e1402666658358Wherever you are on the British Isles there’s a Boots to confirm that you’re home. Growing up in Penzance it was the destination store in town.  From 9 years old I’d save up my pocket money to go and shop the aisles. The Boots Own cucumber moisturizer and lip balm were my favourites; the smells still remind me of pre-teenhood.Screen-Shot-2014-06-13-at-12.13.24-e1402658383441

Now in 2014 my 9 year old daughter hops off to Boots on a weekend, pupils dilated with the thrill of what she might find. … Read more...

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The Low Down on Natural Beauty Products by Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

Posted by Kay

Rose-Marie SwiftI met Make-Up artist and founder of RMS Beauty Rose-Marie Swift when I first moved to NYC aged 26 when we were at the same agency. It’s of particular interest to me when another make-up artist becomes an outspoken advocate for women (or anyone else in general) and in her case, protecting them from the toxic chemicals found in products that we use on our bodies daily. She and I have been exposed (& expose others) to a myriad of beauty-related ‘substances ‘on a greater level than most and several years ago, Rose-Marie began to experience some health issues that were causing many problems physically, mentally and emotionally.Read more...

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Talking about ‘The New Face of beauty’ for US Marie Claire

Posted by Kay

Our interview for Marie Claire is out!

MC Cover


TK+MC Attached

The May issue with this interview is in stores now.

Check out

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Many thanks to Jennifer Goldstein for transcribing a loooooong conversation so well!… Read more...

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Thandie’s Half of a Yellow Sun premiere m-up

Chiwetel-Thandie HOAYS Premiere

Chiwetel & Thandie in Osman

Posted by Kay










After a long drive across London to the south of the river, we all arrived in Streatham for the UK premiere of Half of A Yellow Sun, adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s much-loved novel. The press reception was large and welcoming which was no surprise seeing as both Chimamanda and Chiwetel Ejiofor were there too. I’ve always loved the immediacy and vicarious excitement of the red carpet, and seeing as Thandie’s my favourite make-up muse, it is always fun.

Odenigbo and Olanna

Chiwetel (Odenigbo) & Thandie (Olanna) in HOAYS


The Make-Up Steps

Step One

Here’s what I used.


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Lupita in Emerald

Lupita cartoon

Illustration by Holly Shorthall

Posted by Kay

I first met Lupita Nyong’O in London when we did press together for 12 Years A Slave in London last October (you can read all about that here).

She has since become the darling of 2014 awards season, not only because of her phenomenal performance in the film, but how she seems to scene-steal every red carpet event she walks upon!

Before I tell you about the make-up details, I must say that one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is spending time with a talented woman in the first glorious rays of recognition, and being fortunate enough to play a small part of how they are forever remembered at that special time, via the paparazzi’s lens.… Read more...

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The Eyes Have It – Ilia Mascara

Post by Thandie

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.25.14 copyMascara! How we love you! In any form; smudged morning eyes, perfect blinking doll, heavy goth, clumpy 60s, multi colored 80s, even streaked after a good laugh or cry. Where you go we follow, applauding with a chorus of wildly batting lashes. ILIA MASCARA.FULL

So it didn’t surprise me really when I came across the gorgeous Ilia brand in Vancouver this year. The founder Sasha Plavsic has concentrated her ethical expertise on hero products of mascara, lip color and multi-sticks. I was struck by how her organic, ethical brand easily competes in a market where healthful ingredients are a slow second to performance and sales.… Read more...

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Making Up Lupita Nyong’O

Posted by Kay 12_Years_a_Slave_film_poster

Last October I had the pleasure of working with a very special newcomer- Lupita Nyong’O, who was in London for the press and screening of Steve McQueen‘s much anticipated ‘12 Years A Slave‘ starring Chiwetel Ejiofor.

I was thrilled when I got confirmed as I rarely get to make-up someone with Lupita’s skintone for the red carpet. The chance to be able to do something glamorous (rather than editorial which is usually more conceptual or ‘urban’) using my favourite new products was a fabulous opportunity.

I ensured that her skin was moisturised but not oily.… Read more...

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Electric Pink Lip


Hair, M-Up & styling by Thandie. Photo Jonathan Leibson

Post by Thandie.

Here’s a look I put together for a red carpet event last year. I wore a black 50s style vintage cocktail dress from The Gathering Goddess.

I wanted to accent the refined, understated glamour with something modern. Lips seemed the way to go. Red would have been predictable, and might have made the look austere. Pink was the answer – and not any shade – I wanted garish, electric and unnatural!

I wore my hair blow dried straight with a deep side part – it could just as easily been pulled back and sleek.… Read more...

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