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DisneyRollerGirl and her Jungle Queen lipstick

Navaz in Jungle Queen Lipstick

Navaz wears Jungle Queen. Shirt by Kenzo, hair by Hayley at We Are Cuts London

Navaz Batliwalla set up her blog DisneyRollerGirl in 2007, when the Internet was more of a wave of chat rooms, where aside from established fashion sites such as, there was little in the way of style edits or online features on ‘just under the radar’ fashion brands.

Navaz is also a freelance journalist and stylist and has worked with Dior, GAP and Chloe.

“Lipstick Queen’s ‘Jungle Queen’ is my favourite subtle coral-red for when I need a bit of colour but don’t want a full-on scarlet mouth.”


We agree, it’s a perfect daytime coral-red, it’s sheer, with a modern, non glossy finish and as easy to wear as a lip balm.… Read more...

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Fairy Drops Mascara

Millie Kendall OBE, formerly of trailblazing brand Ruby & Millie, is one half of expert ‘online beauty product edit’ BeautyMART alongside Anna-Marie Solowij, former beauty director of Vogue.


“I swear by this mascara and it is one of those products I am so proud to have launched in the UK.

Fairy Drops Mascara in Scandal Queen. I have “lash issues” from years of sleeping in my make up, and this just lifts and separates without making my lashes feel stiff. And it is easy to remove (should have learnt to do that 2 decades ago!).”

Kay says: ‘It’s the unique brush that seems to automatically do what my conventional ‘left-to right at the root before sweeping upward’ manouvre does, without the manouvre’

Bibi Eyes

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The Beauty Project at Selfridges by Amerley Ollennu


Amerley Ollennu, Beauty & Wellbeing Editor at Psychologies UK

“We have to confront ourselves.  Do we like what we see in the mirror?  And according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage … we will have to say yea or nay – and rise!” Maya Angelou

Amerley, it took one short phone call while driving (yes-with the headpiece) from my home to the gym to realise that you were the one to both LiveTweet and write a piece on this event-which you popped out on a plane to Miami! Thank you AMERLEY! XX Kay

I can’t think of anything I’d like to put on a bit of mazza for more, than to have sat on a panel with these terrific women as part of the Beauty Project.  … Read more...

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The Low Down on Natural Beauty Products by Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

Posted by Kay

Rose-Marie SwiftI met Make-Up artist and founder of RMS Beauty Rose-Marie Swift when I first moved to NYC aged 26 when we were at the same agency. It’s of particular interest to me when another make-up artist becomes an outspoken advocate for women (or anyone else in general) and in her case, protecting them from the toxic chemicals found in products that we use on our bodies daily. She and I have been exposed (& expose others) to a myriad of beauty-related ‘substances ‘on a greater level than most and several years ago, Rose-Marie began to experience some health issues that were causing many problems physically, mentally and emotionally.Read more...

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Lancome French Riviera collection

Posted by Kaylancome FR 800

To my mind, it’s not so much about new make-up products, but about how you combine them to find your own style, how you use make-up to not only accentuate and conceal, but also how to accessorize your outfit with what you choose make-up-wise.

Being inspired by new colourways is fun and this latest combination from Lancome is a modern take on the sun-kissed theme- a mix of Matisse blue with Lancome’s ‘French Riviera’ Vernis in Love in Golden Riviera, Nuit D’Azure and Marine Chic.


And eye cream I hear you ask-where does that fit in?… Read more...

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Talking about ‘The New Face of beauty’ for US Marie Claire

Posted by Kay

Our interview for Marie Claire is out!

MC Cover


TK+MC Attached

The May issue with this interview is in stores now.

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Many thanks to Jennifer Goldstein for transcribing a loooooong conversation so well!… Read more...

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Q& A with Genevieve Nnaji

Post by Thandie

mud1With the advent of the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ opening around the world, it seems appropriate to applaud Nollywood’s leading lady Genevieve Nnaji.


On the set of Half of a Yellow Sun, Genevieve centre.

In ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’, set in Nigeria in the late 60s, she plays university academic Ms Adebayo, and rocks a lustrous afro from start to finish.

A style maven herself, she has her own clothing line, as well as being the face of cosmetics brand Mud Nigeria left. A staggering 80 Nollywood films under her teeny tiny belt we grabbed a few minutes from her busy schedule to get her to answer our Q and A.… Read more...

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Thandie’s Half of a Yellow Sun premiere m-up

Chiwetel-Thandie HOAYS Premiere

Chiwetel & Thandie in Osman

Posted by Kay










After a long drive across London to the south of the river, we all arrived in Streatham for the UK premiere of Half of A Yellow Sun, adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s much-loved novel. The press reception was large and welcoming which was no surprise seeing as both Chimamanda and Chiwetel Ejiofor were there too. I’ve always loved the immediacy and vicarious excitement of the red carpet, and seeing as Thandie’s my favourite make-up muse, it is always fun.

Odenigbo and Olanna

Chiwetel (Odenigbo) & Thandie (Olanna) in HOAYS


The Make-Up Steps

Step One

Here’s what I used.


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Q & A with Magatte Wade

Post by Thandie

MagatteI was fortunate enough to discover Magatte through her gorgeous line of beauty products; Tiossan. The line is born out of her philosophy that by nourishing skin and soul, 'beauty', is 'setting change in motion'. I saw her TedX Talk on line and was excited by the depth and power of her vision for women, and the world. Especially as that vision was already evidenced by her own entrepreneurial success (Forbes Magazine named her one of '20 Youngest Power Women in Africa').

Magatte believes that Beauty "awakens our soul to act" - something we believe here at ThandieKay.Read more...

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Anika and Thandie talk Perceptions of Beauty and Dr Seuss hair

Post by Thandie

Anika Coloured Girls Poster

Anika giving me some love on the streets of NYC

Anika Noni Rose and I go back. I’d been cat-like prowling around her for a looong time – seeing her rock great roles – respect replacing envy in a heartbeat!  It’s a weird thing for actresses of colour – always competing for the handful of good roles. Which is why ‘For Colored Girls‘ was a revelation – because a lot of us got to meet, hang out and actually work TOGETHER. That’s where I met Anika. I remember arriving in the make up trailer on my first day, and there was a hallowed atmosphere because magic was happening on set.… Read more...

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