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For Every Skin In Between

Post by Kay and Rose

While en route to a shoot for EX1 Cosmetics yesterday with ‘Our Girl Friday’ Rose Miyonga, she turned to me and said “I’ve never really worn foundation.”

She went on to say, “As a mixed race teenage girl growing up in white, rural England, there wasn’t really much on offer when I first wanted to wear make-up. It was pretty much Superdrug. There was nothing for my sisters and me in the beauty department.”

Sound familiar? This is echoed by so many women and we all wonder- when is this going to change?

Rose 800So while I got to work on make-up, I asked Rose to tell us all more and to interview Farah Naz, founder of EX1 Cosmetics.Read more...

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Q+A with Singer Jorja Smith

Post by Kay

Jorje Smith for Chanel by Kay Montano thandiekay.comI was thrilled when Chanel asked me to make up singer Jorja Smith for their recent launch party for their new global ambassador, Lucia Pica.

A classically trained vocalist, Jorja is 19 years old and hails from Walsall, just outside of Birmingham and grew up to the sounds of Trojan Records boxsets, Curtis Mayfield and Damien Marley.

Her musical style is influenced by everyone from Mos Def to Lauryn Hill to The Streets and I have to say, her unique blend of musical storytelling hooked me in the first time I heard ‘A Prince’, Jorja’s follow up to the internet-breaking ‘Blue Lights.Read more...

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Q+A with ‘visual storyteller’ Harris Elliott

Meet Harris Elliott, visual story teller, creative director, stylist and one half of the phenomenally successful photographic exhibition Return of The Rude Boy. His 10 second elevator pitch would read something like this “I develop concepts and curate art/photographic gallery shows and help brands develop narratives to create and deliver mega interesting advertising campaigns and installations”.
Born and raised in London, Harris calls himself a Visual Storyteller.  Inspired by travelling , films, music and theatre dance performances, his career began with studying Interior Architecture & Design but later gravitated to telling visual fashion stories when he found his talent for realising ideas into beautiful visual delights.Read more...

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Culture Deep

By Rutendo Wazara

Rutendo WazaraThey say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when one culture imitates another is that a line that shouldn’t be crossed or political correctness on overdrive?

I’ll begin with my own experience. When I was about 8 years old, my family moved to Lagos, Nigeria. Although it was the third country I had moved to, Nigeria was the first place where I experienced a steep learning curve in cultural exchange, bordering on culture shock,-and I loved it!

I was at an international school and one of my favourite traditions was the school’s annual Nigeria Day.… Read more...

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Dare to wear…Black Lipstick

It’s safe to say that having been all over the catwalks and worn by everyone from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner, that black lipstick is officially no longer just ‘a Goth thing’.

Ri Ri goes to the dark side

Ri Ri goes to the dark side

I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest colour to wear, plus you need an expert hand to get it right as every mistake shows. And the texture makes a big difference in both wearabilty and style. Too glossy and it’s more catwalk than club. Too dense and it dominates.

Make up for you alter ego

Illamasqua Pristine lipstick thandiekay.comSo when I came across Illamasqua’s Lipstick in ‘Pristine, I was impressed as this is a black lipstick for reality, rather than reality show.Read more...

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The Magic of Malachite

Post by Thandie

Malachite. Originally discovered in Egypt, this rich, deep green, copper-based stone has been used in jewellery and ornaments for thousands of years. Its patterned bands of contrasting green, like the dendrochronology of trees, are mesmerising. For some, malachite holds spiritual meaning too – thought to protect the wearer from evil spirits, it was often used as a guardian stone for children and travellers.

Most Malachite today comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo – also Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gabon and Namibia (always try and find out if your purchases are conflict-free. Under the Dodd-Frank Act you have the right to know the source of minerals).… Read more...

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Are we ‘Naturally’ brave? Asks Amy Lynch

Thandie was walking in her local neighborhood recently and chanced upon the lovely Amy Lynch, whose unique face caught her eye. We asked her to write something for us.

Amy Lynch thandiekay.comAmy is an up and coming actress and model. After graduating from Brighton Institute of Modern music, Amy stepped into the world of modelling using it as a gateway to pursue her real passion for acting and performance. After securing campaigns for the likes of The NBA and gracing the cover of several magazines, Amy continues to chip away at her acting career and hopes to land a recurring role in a TV show in the near future.Read more...

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A Crush on Coral

Post by Kay

Decorative coral

Decorative coral

Precious Coral, what an other-wordly looking material-what is it exactly? Although it resembles inert rock, surprisingly, coral is actually an animal, a colonial population of simple polyps, (similar to jellyfish but they don’t move) comprised of a group of tentacles, a mouth and a digestive gut. An accumulation of these ‘exoskeletons’ produce the coral reef, which is limestone, and both are the result of a symbiotic relationships between organic and inorganic chemistry.

Coral polyps start life as free floaters, eventually attaching themselves to a solid surface.  They reproduce both asexually and sexually by releasing eggs and sperm into the sea, called coral spawning. … Read more...

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Feeling Fervent Blue, by Chanel

Post by Thandie

Thandie Natural


I’ll never forget spending the evening with Stella McCartney a few years ago. I turned up at her house red carpet ready;  her date for the premiere of the documentary Food Inc. It was dinner time at the Willis residence; they had 3 kids then, and all were busy eating pasta, hummus and veggie deliciousness. I was in awe of how easily she was raising her brood to be vegetarian. Stella had zipped back from work, was having a lark with her young-uns, and what felt like minutes later we were in the car on our way.… Read more...

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Q+A with Lisa Price

Post by Thandie

This literally home-grown brand has been on the scene for EVAH. Thandie Carol's Daughter Hair MilkAfter working with sweet Will Smith on ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, he and Jada sent me a basket of Carol’s Daughter products as a birthday gift. I still remember opening the box, and swooning at the release of rich, deep, sweet smells. Now, years later I’m reminded of Carol’s Daughter as Westworld’s (the HBO drama I’m currently filming) hair chief Joy Zapata sent me home with the Hair Milk plus a pot of the Marula Oil mask.

A combination of still nursing my 2 year old, and a lot of shooting, has left my hair in a sorry state.… Read more...

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