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Colour Me Mine

Post by Thandie.

There’s definitely a mini revolution going on when it comes to colour.

And it’s challenging what we rate as so-called ‘beautiful v ugly’. Of course, there has never been a way of rating these definitions, they’re subjective. There’s no wrong or right when it comes to being anything at all. But when it comes to ethnic oppression there IS a right and wrong; which is why definitions in our value system need to be all-embracing.

I feel that’s why colours in general are being appreciated in a whole new way. Take nail colour – greens, blues, browns, greys – colours that may have once been called dreary are the choice for hip people from NY to Lagos.… Read more...

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Smoky Eyes, Bright Lips

Posted by Kay:

When Thandie posted this cute #SayHerName-selfie on the way to the Essence ‘Black Women in Hollywood’ luncheon last week, I emailed her straight away and said what make-up were you wearing, we gotta tell our readers!

Smoky eyes are giving us life when worn with a bright, almost summer ‘pop’ of colour.Thandie Beauty Shot #sayhername

I’ve been doing this a lot with my actresses in the last year, there’s just something about the way a bright watermelon, coral or pink can ‘uplift’ the smoulder. You can’t beat a smoky eye, it’s always been cool, it always will be-but sometimes, especially when you’re wearing black, it can all be a bit gloomy.… Read more...

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Meet Beauty Blogger Hafsa Issa-Salwe

Post by Kay

I first came across Hafsa through our friend (co-founder of online beauty edit store ) Millie Kendall. Hafsa was doing some work there and Millie said, “you have to meet Hafsa, you’d find her really interesting’. Hafsa of MuslimahBeauty thandiekay_edited-1I’ve since followed her award-winning blog and have been meaning to write about here for ever-so finally, meet the lovely Hafsa!


Where are your parents from?

My parents are from Somalia, but arrived in the UK over 25 years ago by way of Kenya, India and Italy

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in London, but I spent my late teen years growing up between London and Saudi Arabia.… Read more...

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Matte Nails

Post by Kay


Femi Matte Nails trend We’re lusting over shine-free nails all over again after seeing Femi Konteh (my make-up assistant pictured left here and modelling Bobbi Brown Cream Blusher here.) wearing the densely pigmetnted Chanel Sunrise Trip transformed by Chanel Matte Top Coat to finish.Chanel Sunrise Trip and Matte Topcoat


Chanel Sunrise Trip

Reflecting no light, this is the ultimate ‘anti-polish nail polish’ 

Try it yourself – simply find the shiniest, brightest nail varnish you own and swipe this top coat over your digits. Instantly the glare will subside but without washing out any colour-as though your nails are moonlit!

Two textured nails using matte and shine is a nail art look worth working- it’s the simplicity that makes it stand out.Read more...

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Posted by Kay.

My lips giving you sleepless nights. Thank you @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist. Ama [sic] get me 3 of these.” Ugandan born model Aamito Lagum on her instagram

Aamito Lagum blue lips mac matte royalWay to go with the response Aamito-bravo!

We don’t feed (or direct you to) the trolls here at ThandieKay, we prefer to encourage who and what we love, fuelling the positive rather than echoing the negative so I’m choosing the positive thing about the clickbating storm in an IG cup over Aamito’s beautifully posted pout at the Ohne Titel AW16 in NYC last week.… Read more...

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Q+A With 2016 Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo

 Post by Thandie.

Angelique and her Grammy

Angelique and her Grammy

I had the enormous privilege of meeting Beninoise singer and 2016 Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo the first time I watched her perform live. I helped host an event for the Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2012 (an organization very close to my heart – as is its founder Stephen). Angelique shared the stage with a galaxy of incredible performers that night , including Annie Lennox and Sarah McLachlan. They were all magnificent, but I want to single out Angelique (as I’m certain Sarah and Annie would do themselves). Angelique is a force. On stage (and in life) she embodies all that is extraordinary about being alive.… Read more...

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Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in Noir Cendre

Posted by Kay

Brows have been getting a lot more attention the last few years.


They look good on them, does that mean they look good on someone else…?

The thing I like the most is the return to the natural-looking brow. But as is usual with mainstream beauty press, there is a ‘one size fit’s all’ mentality, so a ‘natural brow’ becomes ‘get someone else’s natural brow‘ which as a make-up artist is COMPLETELY missing the point..!

Don’t mess with your unique design!

The reason someone else’s brows look good on them, is because they are theirs! Nature has your features in mind and they all work together.… Read more...

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Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm

Posted by Kay

Is it a lip pencil, is it a lipstick, is it a lipbalm? No-it’s all of them at once!

Thandie wearing ‘Graped Up Chubby Stick


Never mind defining Clinique’s Chubby Stick, this fuss-free gem is a no-brainer in the lip- wear department. Something you just have in your handbag at all times. Great for daytime, plus the perfect understated lip finish to ensure that when you go from day to night, your lips complement any eye make-up, keeping the most smouldering smokey eye the non-tarty side of cool.

Comes in many colours, check them out here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.15.35

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Votary Facial Oils

Arabella Preston

Arabella Preston

It’s always wonderful to see people you know find their passion and become successful doing it. This can be said for my friend Arabella Preston who used to assist me. Now a successful make-up artist in her own right, Arabella is also the co-founder of Votary, an exclusive line of high quality facial oils.

Having used only oils to prep her client’s skin as well as in her own skincare routine, Arabella’s kitchen table began turning into a make-shift apothecary as she experimented with the different effects oils could have on the skin and also, the myriad of ways in which essential oils affected mood.


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New African Woman

Love Thandie.

Kay and I had a blast shooting our cover story for New African Woman. It all started with our dear friend Noella Coursaris , who felt that a collaboration between me and the magazine would speak volumes about modern Africa. A month later, and we were in Malibu California with Jackie Dixon managing to turn the optimism and excitement into photographic art.

I’d been feeling similarly inspired by designers of African descent surfacing in fashion. In the same way that I love to wear, and fly the flag for British talent, I also love to do the same for the other side of my heritage.… Read more...

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