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Q+A with Rashida Jones

1. What is your earliest make-up memory?

I  remember the deep love I felt for my Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers Cherry flavored chapstick.  Bonne Belle LipsmackerThe smell, the feel, the packaging.  I know it’s not incredibly glamorous but it was everything to me.

 2. I feel most beautiful when…

I am well rested and/or I’ve just been in the ocean.

Rashida Jones

 3. When you were a child, what was your Mother’s beauty routine?

Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones

My mother moisturized SO MUCH when I was a kid. She also is adamant about sunblock and hydration.  I am sure this is just part of why she is still so, so gorgeous.… Read more...

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Q+A with MDMFlow beauty entrepreneur Florence Adepoju

Posted by Kay

‘Influenced by the glamour associated with mid 90s–00s hip hop culture’, 

Florence Odepoju MDFlow

Florence Adepoju

MDMFlow is the concept of Florence Adepoju,  a Scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Cosmetic Science from the London College of Fashion.

Having spent undergraduate life studying and working in luxury beauty retail, Florence (Flow) decided upon graduating in July 2013 to do what was in her heart, to create the brand she’d always wanted. All MDMflow lipsticks are handmade and cruelty-free.



INTERVIEW with Florence Odepoju





1. What is your earliest beauty memory?

I remember being about 10 mixing my mum’s red nail polishes on a piece of tissue, then putting it on the radiator to dry and being so fascinated by the texture when it dried, but disappointed at the colour. … Read more...

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Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

Post by Kay

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser and cloth

With so many cleansers and their claims to choose from, it’s no wonder that most of us find one and just stick to it.

But due to those unpredictable hormones, age (yawn) and the weather, our skin has changing needs in order to stay balanced- and that means understanding how to adapt our skincare accordingly. For instance, a lighter moisturiser and foaming cleanser (less creamy) if your skin is becoming spotty or oily, a richer moisturiser and creamy cleanser is your skin is dry.

I am fortunate in the sense that being a make-up artist AND a ‘blogger’ means I do get sent a lot of stuff – that means I do try new things out that perhaps I otherwise wouldn’t.… Read more...

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Q+A with Model Betty Adewole

Post by Kay Betty Adewole

I met Hackney-born Betty recently on a beauty shoot for netaporter’s online magazine The Edit. It was a feature on gold make-up looks so I was thrilled when I saw Betty’s name on the call sheet- her rich mahogany skin showed the gold to the max!

1. What is your earliest beauty memory?

My earliest beauty memory is of my mum applying a red lipstick. I remember how she would apply lipstick in a certain way with care, she would always save it until last out of all when putting on make-up.

I remember how I learnt just by watching her that beautifying was a delicate activity.… Read more...

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Eve Arnold’s Women

Posted by Kay

Eve Arnold


Marilyn on the set of The Misfits 1960. Magnum


Many of you have seen the work of photojournalist Eve Arnold from the photographs of Marilyn Monroe on the set of John Huston’s 1960 film The Misfits when the renowned photojournalism agency Magnum were given exclusive access. Eve was on the set in Nevada for 4 months along with others in the agency at the time (Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson & Inge Morath) and was the first woman ever to work at the cooperative.

Eve first met Marilyn when they were both at early stages of their careers and later recalled “At photo sessions, she was in total control, she manipulated everything-me, the camera and I never met anyone who could make them respond the way she did”.… Read more...

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Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

Posted by Kay

I first came across this lip balm on a Ralph Lauren ad job when the model I was working with had very sore, cracked lips and insisted I use this. It was the only lip balm that didn’t make her lips irritated.

I then discovered another aesthetic bonus-the lip balm wasn’t glossy-which doesn’t work so well in photographs-plus it had a pleasant, honey-flavoured beeswax texture that was much easier to wear than gloopy, petroleum-based balms.


the ’20 ans’ anniversary edition

Since then it’s been by my bedside every night for me to use before bed, and is forever in my kit to keep my models and actresses lips looking, and feeling soft.… Read more...

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Spring into Spring!

Posted by Kay

Yes the streets of London are dotted with canopies of pink blossom but shall I tell you how I knew that Spring had arrived?

I’ve got spots! Or zits as y’all say across the pond.

Just when I thought I was too old to get them, the pimples are having a last hurrah, sprouting up like dandelions on a Spring English lawn but a lot less pretty. Yes, that’s right, there’s nothing like a change in temperature-or more importantly moisture, that says to my face “you need to change the skincare lady”.

Skin gets dryer in the winter; brusque winds and central heating turn the dewiest skin into parched planes as the moisture (often mistaken for oil) is drawn out of the skin’s surface.… Read more...

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Make Up for the BRRRRRRR

Post by Thandie


Me and the cold don’t get on. I turn into a cranky old crow instantly – all hunched over with a face like I’ve eaten something nasty. And my skin! Cold and wind are probably the worst enemies to a glowing complexion – and while shooting in NY this year I had to find ways to combat this skin/weather stress.

Extra moisturiser is an obvious go-to, but the build up under foundation encourages clogged pores and an over made up face.

Bobbi Brown came up with my answer. Her Luminous Moisturising Treatment Foundation – at first I dismissed it as another name for yet another ‘alphabet’ cream (BB, CC, EE sigh…) – but I was wrong.… Read more...

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Q+A with Anti FGM campaigner Leyla Hussein

leylahussein 800

Leyla Hussein by Lily Bertrand-Webb

Posted by Kay

Whilst catching up with online news a week ago, I happened to glance upon a filmed interview, based on misinterpretations of FGM that was performed (and written, so I later found out) with a total poker face by Leyla Hussein. The satire (with stand up comedian Bridget Christie watch it here) was based on actual questions Leyla has been asked.  Whether it was her satirical envelope-pushing or her headscarf’s attitude, I knew immediately she had to be on our site. One tweet later we were in touch and met in person last Friday when she came over to the HQ to be photographed by Lily Bertrand-Webb.Read more...

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Isra’a, a woman of our times

Posted by Kay.

Forward by Susannah, a friend of ours who visited Beirut recently and met with some of the Syrian women who are among at least one and a half million people who have been forced to leave their homes and flee to camps in Lebanon.

Hearing her experiences while there were precious and fascinating, I was hearing stories untold by the media who are no longer even there. And like many places in times of war, fear and displacement, she discovered a community longing for creativity, passion and expression.

Susannah: “In 2014 Isra’a was one of a group of Syrian women who performed in a production of antigone-1the Greek play Antigone in Beirut.Read more...

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