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Pretty Powerful Blush by Bobbi Brown

Femi and Pretty Powerful Cream Blusher

Femi and Pretty Powerful Cream Blusher

One of our favourite brands Bobbi Brown is partnering again with Smart Works, a non-profit that helps out-of-work women find employment by providing them with a set of interview clothes, styling advice, and interview training. Proceeds from the Pretty Powerful campaign will help maintain the two Smart Works centres in London, and help Smart Works to open more centres around the UK. That’s Pretty Powerful, and makes you Pretty with a purpose—100% of the £19 cost (less VAT) of your Limited Edition Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge will be donated to Smart Works* – the chosen charity for this year’s Pretty Powerful Campaign in the UK

This versatile Cream Blusher is great on practically all skintones and can be used on Lips as well as Cheeks!


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The Many Faces of Fashion

Fashion can really push people’s buttons.

Erwin Blumenfeld Vogue CoverOnce upon a time, top magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar were rather conceptual vessels that would sit, like coffee table books within the homes and waiting rooms of the well-heeled or those who’d quite like to be. They were aspirational and therefore never expected to represent ‘real life’ as such. Vintage Bazaar CoverAs for catwalk shows, the exclusive presentations of Haute Couture and even Ready-To-Wear were an industry spectacle to inspire the editors, and to influence and attract buyers. They were not the twice a year celebrity fro-frenzy, multi-level industry we see today.

The fashion world was like art in the sense that the images were more a highly artistic reflection of hopes, dreams and the zeitgeist than a presentation of clothing that was comfortable and easy to clean.

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How-To Get Thandie’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party M-Up

Posted by Kay

We-got The look!

It’s been a whirlwind for Thandie this last few months and while I type, Thandie is flying from L.A, to Toronto to shoot Season 3 of Rogue. Just before saying bye to the kids this morn, I got her to give me the skinny on the FABULOUS MAKE-UP job she did at the Vanity Fair/Oscars party last night.

Thandie has beyond mastered the smokiest eyes in town and I’ve decided to be big about it-I’m letting go of how much she didn’t need me (at all) and I wasn’t going to let her disappear into the on-set ether without telling you how she got that look.… Read more...

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Let’s Talk About The Tache…

Posted by Kay, inspired by Thandie’s Instagram last Tuesday…

Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene...'My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache and I use Jolene Cream Bleach'

Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene…’My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache. I use Jolene Cream Bleach’



















While While in my Uber en route to The Second Marigold Hotel premiere (Thandie’s hubby Ol Parker was the screenwriter) last Tuesday, I checked our instagram and saw that Thandie had posted the above self-portrait with strategically placed Jolene Creme Bleach while getting ready at Claridges Hotel in London.

Our Facial Hair Arsenal of choice

Our Facial Hair Arsenal of choice

I giggled to myself because I too had ‘dealt with my tache’ that day with my method of choice-Nair Facial Hair Removing Cream and having not seen Thandie since January, I loved that we were on the same wavelength, or rather, tache length.… Read more...

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Bad Blood Misfits

Post by Thandie

We’re loving these nail decals from the collaboration between DIY Nails and Bad Blood ClothingBBC-_Breaking_Blood

Nick Cocozza brings his counter culture wit to easy-to-apply design sets. From the many manifestations of Bowie, to a spectrum of fabulous misfits. These are mini statements that make ‘the finger’ a whole new deal! All you need are scissors, water and a top coat. Get busy!

Available online from DIY Nails or the Bad Blood site.

Follow them on Twitter @DIY_nails #diynailcals

Bad Blood Breaking Blood-1000x1000

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Oasis for the Skin – Jurlique

Oasis for the skin

What starts off on the skin quickly transfers in to the body

Post by Thandie

Jurlique‘ – organic by name (it’s a combo of the founder’s names) and nature (the duo combine botany, horticulture, biochemistry and naturopathy). I came across the skincare range when I was shooting Mission Impossible2 in Australia 16 years ago. Back then the bottles were milky white with simple blue writing.


The ingredients had been harvested and combined with utmost care, and were elixirs for the skin that felt sacred enough not to want to waste a drop. By regular standards they were expensive – but appropriately so.… Read more...

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‘Supernatural’ Make-Up Tutorial for The Edit/NetAPorter

Posted by Kay

Last November, I flew to NY to visit Thandie in the midst of filming The Slap (and nursing her boy..).

Thandie&Kay shooting for TheEdit800

TK Selfie on set of The Edit shoot with Style Supremo Tracy Taylor in the background

I’d bumped into the marvellous Lucy Yeoman (Editor-in-Chief of PORTER magazine & Content Director of NET-A-PORTER) a month before in London along with her enviable team: Ezzie Chidi-Ofong, Vassi Chamberlain and Liam Freeman. There followed a fabulously fun powwow with NetAPorter TV and Video Editor Ezzie and –bang- it was organised.

Cut to a divine Greenwich Village Townhouse, a roomful of our favourite designers courtesy of NetAPorter Style Editor Tracey Taylor, Ezzie holding it ALL together while directing us beautifully, plus Ben Skervin on hair and handfuls of helper-outers.… Read more...

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Let’s Make-Up The Rules

Posted by Kay

“What I loved about shooting these diverse women was that not only are they all exceptionally talented, which was really inspiring, but they were all really comfortable in their own skin.
When asked the question for the film, ‘What does beauty mean to you?’ they all had really intelligent and insightful answers.  I deemed from them that being yourself, and being more than happy by being yourself is what beauty means, and that is truly powerful stuff.” Photographer Nicole Nodland.

When one of our favourite UK Sunday supplements – Stella Magazine (from Sunday’s Telegraph newspaper) asked Thandie for an interview, she suggested tagging along a beauty shoot with some ideas we’d been wanting to showcase -and so we joined forces to create the pictures below.… Read more...

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Antonia Burrell Skincare

Those famiiar with our site will know about Antonia and her deluxe, natural skincare brand antoniaburrell002

from a recent post-but if you missed it, read all about her here.


We’re both so pleased to have discovered her brand, Thandie has been raving about Skin Polishing Powder and as I type I’m using her Mask Supreme for my rather fatigued skin which Antonia calls a ‘7 in 1 product’, read all about the superb active botanical ingredients and what they do here.

As for her Cream Supreme Moisturiser, since discovering it, nothing comes close to it’s perfect hydration to oil ratio.… Read more...

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Gift Idea: Stoned perfume by Solange Azagury Partridge

To step inside of the world of jeweller Solange Azagury Partridge is to trip into the coolest club in Alice in Wonderland in the small hours. It’s run by the hookah-smoking-caterpillar dude and is a place where pastel, beige, and hairbands like Alice’s won’t pass the velvet rope. Unless they’re wearing Stoned of course..

In the world of Solange, all is sumptuous and red velvet-clad and as you walk upon carpets of rainbows you’ll discover walls decorated with solar systems and neon rather than repeating florals and old portraits. And the jewels!  Collections with names such as ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Unwearable Jewels’, ‘Platonic’, ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Zodiac’,  I mean-where and how do I begin to describe them?… Read more...

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