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Nude Skincare

Posted by Kay

I’ve been a fan of Nude Skincare ever since it was founded by Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson in 2007 and believe that even if you’re not an advocate for ‘natural skincare’, that most of us will at one time or another find the need for gentler products, and perhaps adopt them into our skincare somehow.

After all, who hasn’t had irritated skin, or dry and sore lips? This is the where the door to the world of natural skincare often opens, and where many people who want relief and results will find themselves.

Not convinced? What if I asked you if you’d prefer perfumed petrochemicals on that little patch of itchy, inflamed skin or something so natural you could practically eat it, maybe that might?… Read more...

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Under-Eye Concealer-as easy as 1,2,3!

Posted by Kay

The most underrated make-up ever? COVER-UP. Thandie and I both have dark under-eye circles (hello-who sleeps enough?) and our jobs have meant that we’ve had plenty of trial and error, trying to find the best products and the best technique for our skintones.

Your lipstick may pop, your eye make-up might smoulder as your cheeks reflect a wash of coral shimmer that all culminate fabulously with a delightful outfit-but if you, like us, have dark circle under your peepers, you can just look tired.

It always surprises me how many women are truly mystified, even clueless about under-eye concealer, and the difference in tone and texture to the cover up that you use on blemishes (drier, more neutral-toned).… Read more...

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Estée Lauder – Double Wear Light

Post by Thandie.

Photo Nico Parker

Photo Nico Parker

Many, many women live and work in sunny climes. Which means that make up needs to be up to the temperature challenge. A stable base is obviously going to be more tricky when sun and sweat are jostling for position. I had that experience shooting in Nigeria on ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ in 2012 – my wonderful make up artist Sharon Martin warmed up my skin tone at the start of the shoot – but honestly, after one week in the heat of Calabar my skin had tanned to a good shade, and we pretty much abandoned foundation.… Read more...

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Tara Okeke talks to founder of DooBop Jodie Patterson

Posted by Kay

Tara Okeke

Tara Okeke

I was about to interview this extraordinarily inspirational entrepreneur myself when I thought, how about getting the next generation of mixed heritage to ask the questions! We’re very keen on building a community here at ThandieKay and we hope you enjoy Tara and Jodie‘s thoroughly engaging conversation on the inclusiveness of beauty, family, the future of retailing and much more.

Tara Okeke is a 16 year-old student studying Art, English Literature, Philosophy & French at A-Level at City Of London School For Girls. She hopes to study architecture at university.

Jodie Patterson is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Doobop, the first beauty entail site to edit specifically for brown women.Read more...

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Laura McLaw Helms & Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Viva

Posted by Kay

Laura in Kay's garden wearing Viva and vintage

Laura in Kay’s garden wearing Viva and vintage

I first met Fashion and Cultural Historian Laura McLaws Helms in true 21st century-style, colliding on twitter via  a mutual love of the same visual references.

Now, whenever she comes to London for research (she’s currently writing a book and curating an exhibition on cult British designer of the 60’s/70’s, Thea Porter), she stays at my house.

Who better to review this hot new Rouge Coco Shine shade by Chanel? Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in VIVA

“Since so much of my work as a fashion historian has me looking through old magazines at beauties of the past, it’s inevitable that I find my makeup inspiration in those pages.… Read more...

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Sharmadean Reid’s Melted Lipstick in Marshmallow by Too Faced

Posted by Kay   Melted by Two Faced 800

In 2008, WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid had an inkling that the nail art she and her friends had been wearing for years was about to hit the mainstream. Then, when a nail salon refused to do the ‘Dior Double French’ she decided to open her own salon where you could have “Whatever you wanted on your fingertips” .

WAH started ‘life’ as a fanzine Sharmadean created with her friends about girls in hip-hop who “loved their Nike sneakers as much as their Prada wedges”. It became a cult East London nailart destination.

Now, WAH Nails is in Top Shop’s flagship London store in Oxford Circus and Dublin’s Harvey Nichols.… Read more...

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FeNail Nailwraps

Phoebe at a Fenails/Nailwrap event

Phoebe at a Fenails/Nailwrap event

Posted by Kay

Thandie & I met artist Phoebe Davies at one of Eve Ensler‘s One Billion Rising Events in London’s Southbank center (where she also shows various artwork).
“I was working as an artist with a group of at-risk teenage women in South London who didn’t necessarily identify themelves as artists or ‘creative people. Yet every week when I returned to work, these women were revealing their artistic output by wearing extraordinarily detailed nail art”.
Whilst exploring current attitudes to gender equality, feminism, female expectations and their aspirations, and drawing upon the culturally-based trend for ‘nail art’, Phoebe was inspired to to collaborate with these young women to create a series of printed nailwraps depicting people of personal influence and significance.… Read more...

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DisneyRollerGirl and her Jungle Queen lipstick

Navaz in Jungle Queen Lipstick

Navaz wears Jungle Queen. Shirt by Kenzo, hair by Hayley at We Are Cuts London

Navaz Batliwalla set up her blog DisneyRollerGirl in 2007, when the Internet was more of a wave of chat rooms, where aside from established fashion sites such as, there was little in the way of style edits or online features on ‘just under the radar’ fashion brands.

Navaz is also a freelance journalist and stylist and has worked with Dior, GAP and Chloe.

“Lipstick Queen’s ‘Jungle Queen’ is my favourite subtle coral-red for when I need a bit of colour but don’t want a full-on scarlet mouth.”


We agree, it’s a perfect daytime coral-red, it’s sheer, with a modern, non glossy finish and as easy to wear as a lip balm.… Read more...

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Fairy Drops Mascara

Millie Kendall OBE, formerly of trailblazing brand Ruby & Millie, is one half of expert ‘online beauty product edit’ BeautyMART alongside Anna-Marie Solowij, former beauty director of Vogue.


“I swear by this mascara and it is one of those products I am so proud to have launched in the UK.

Fairy Drops Mascara in Scandal Queen. I have “lash issues” from years of sleeping in my make up, and this just lifts and separates without making my lashes feel stiff. And it is easy to remove (should have learnt to do that 2 decades ago!).”

Kay says: ‘It’s the unique brush that seems to automatically do what my conventional ‘left-to right at the root before sweeping upward’ manouvre does, without the manouvre’

Bibi Eyes

Buy this here at BeautyMART    

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The Beauty Project at Selfridges by Amerley Ollennu


Amerley Ollennu, Beauty & Wellbeing Editor at Psychologies UK

“We have to confront ourselves.  Do we like what we see in the mirror?  And according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage … we will have to say yea or nay – and rise!” Maya Angelou

Amerley, it took one short phone call while driving (yes-with the headpiece) from my home to the gym to realise that you were the one to both LiveTweet and write a piece on this event-which you popped out on a plane to Miami! Thank you AMERLEY! XX Kay

I can’t think of anything I’d like to put on a bit of mazza for more, than to have sat on a panel with these terrific women as part of the Beauty Project.  … Read more...

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