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These sisters are doing it for themselves

Keonna and Kayla Davis

Keonna and Kayla Davis

The future is bright for women of colour, especially for those with a little business nous.

WoC are officially the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. with an unprecedented 322% rise black women-owned businesses all in less than 20 years..

We feel like proud Aunties introducing Nineteen-year-old Kayla Davis and her 21-year-old sister, Keonna, owners of KD Haircare Supply in Moreno Valley, California (ranked one of the toughest cities in the U.S. to find employment).

They were both out of work and one day their mother said: ‘Stop stressing about it and begging these people for a job and create your own business”.… Read more...

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Milk and Marula with Carol’s Daughter

Post by Thandie

This literally home-grown brand has been on the scene for EVAH. After working with sweet Will Smith on ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, he and Jada sent me a basket of Carol’s Daughter products as a birthday gift. I still remember opening the box, and swooning at the release of rich, deep, sweet smells.

Carol's Daughter Marula Oil Mask thandiekay.comNow, years later I’m reminded of Carol’s Daughter as Westworld’s (the HBO drama I’m currently filming) hair chief Joy Zapata sent me home with the Hair Milk plus a pot of the Marula Oil mask.

A combination of still nursing my 2 year old, and a lot of shooting, has left my hair in a sorry state.… Read more...

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Irene Shelley of Black Beauty & Hair magazine talks to Thandiekay

When Kay told me she was going to interview the wonderful Irene Shelley of Black Beauty & Hair Magazine, I remembered my first correspondence with them 20+ years ago. I was 15, and my Mum had a copy of the magazine. I saw that they were running a competition for wannabe models. It seemed easy – just fill out the personal details and send a photo. My Dad took a few pictures of me in our back garden (bless!) and I sent it off. A few weeks later I got a letter back telling me I’d got through to the final round!Read more...

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Oh-la-la Elvine!

Elvine smiling

  “I started to bleach my hair five years ago. I can say that I have probably changed my hair color every 6 months since!”

Our site editor, Yanar, spotted Elvine on the tube in east London recently and had to stop her to ask where she has her done – at the time is was a beautiful lilac-grey. It turns out Elvine – nickname, ElvineOhlala – is a French blogger with a bold and beautiful style.  

We know Afro and curly hair can be scarily brittle and needs a lot more TLC so we were curious to know how she manages to bleach and dye it without breakage.Read more...

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The Salon of (Hair) Acceptance

Posted by Kay

‘A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.  Either to please or to educate, salons were commonly associated with French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries.’  Wikipedia.

When you are different from anyone else in any way, you usually find out that you are indeed ‘different’ via a short comment or assumption made by someone else. Comments that are a bit more than afterthoughts but without the conviction of a firmly held position which you often won’t notice at the time.… Read more...

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Curl with the flow!


Post by Thandie.

Curls don’t do what you want all the time – they have lives of their own. thandiekay.comThat’s what I love about them too – a constant reminder that we’re not in control, and that we need to go with the flow.

When I was a kid I remember wishing the hair on the top of my head could be as flaxen and loose as the wavy hair at my nape… Now that I accept myself and make my own rules, it’s the other way round!

It’s often the case that we have different textures on different sections of our hair.… Read more...

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Proud Pony

Post by Thandiei
Since I’ve allowed my natural hair to grow I’ve had the best time busting ‘down looks’, ‘up-do’s and everything in between.
At the Creed Premiere in London last month

At the Creed Premiere in London last month

Textured haired is a joyous world of opportunities – and it starts with confidence and pride; because Baby, big hair gets a big reaction! So get ready for centre-stage attention, and warm up the high beam smile to match.

A simple pony tail can be the chicest solution to a dramatic, eye-catching, killer look. Right now I’m loving the drama of pulled-back hair and giant, curly ponytail.… Read more...

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Dija Ayodele’s Afro Hair Heroes

Facialist and thandiekay contributor Dija Ayodele looks at how to keep your hair in top condition this winter.Dijas-

My hair and winter have never been the best of buddies, and how successful my mane comes out of the season is always in direct correlation to the amount of time and product investment I make.

In the past, finding the right products and tools has been tricky, longwinded and expensive. But the situation is improving and this year has seen more products easily available for naturally curly and Afro hair. Just take a look at these winning products.

157 Intensive Repair Shampoo 250 ml 300 dpi_BSacha Juan Intensive Repair Shampoo, £20

No big frills apart from quietly and excellently restoring your hair to its former glory, especially if your hair is subjected to the drying strains of daily styling and product build up.… Read more...

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Hair in the sun ‘masque and braid’

Posted by Kay

Don’t us frizzy-haired gals have a tempestuous relationship with moisture?Me on hols in Deia

My fine (Mum), frizzy (Dad) hair is so receptive to the damp stuff that you can judge the humidity of a country within seconds upon landing from my hairline alone.

On thandiekay we’ve discussed accepting the frizz, freeing the frizz, managing the frizz, straightening the frizz and wrapping the frizz- love that versatility! We see our wonderfully nutty tresses as yet another creative material.

So, inspired by a beautiful holiday in hot, sunny Deia (Mallorca), I thought I’d share my LOW MAINTENANCE (hair as an actual lifestyle-hell no!Read more...

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Stealing Beauty

Love Thandie

This morning I found my orchid naked. All her blooms were scattered at the base – perfectly intact.

That’s the way of the orchid right? She drops her babies when she’s ready.  I knew I had to make the most of these dying beauties – my first thought? Hair accessories!

The fact that today is a day off from shooting; a laundry day, a clean the crud out of the cracks in the high chair day – I still had to use these gorgeous blooms. So, I’m in cut off denim shorts and a shirt, rocking a row of fresh found orchids in my braid out.… Read more...

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