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Stealing Beauty

Love Thandie

This morning I found my orchid naked. All her blooms were scattered at the base – perfectly intact.

That’s the way of the orchid right? She drops her babies when she’s ready.  I knew I had to make the most of these dying beauties – my first thought? Hair accessories!

The fact that today is a day off from shooting; a laundry day, a clean the crud out of the cracks in the high chair day – I still had to use these gorgeous blooms. So, I’m in cut off denim shorts and a shirt, rocking a row of fresh found orchids in my braid out.… Read more...

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Frizz On Frizz Off

Post by Thandie

Celebrating my frizz for our Porter shoot last year

Celebrating my frizz for our Porter shoot last year

We’ve been really stoked by the response to our #FrizzChallenge.

Finally we can appreciate the merits of frizzy hair, and add it as an option to all our wicked styles!

That’s what ThandieKay is about – nothing’s off the table – and the table is a veritable feast of beauty, power and endless discovery.

Thank you for taking the Frizz trip with us – we love your beautiful, frizzy hair y’all.

Perhaps worth mentioning is why FrThandie Newton's Frizz Easeizz was disliked in the first place? And I think it’s to do with MOISTURISING and health of the hair.… Read more...

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Mini Tenugui Wrap

Post by Thandie

I’ve never felt entirely comfortable ‘wrapped’…except at night, when I wear a scarf around my head to keep hair off my face. It’s something I strongly associate with my Mum who did the same. But during the day? God knows what the nuns at my school would have said if I’d arrived ‘wrapped’ – they might have called the police – heh heh.

Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie and Zadie Smith

Ntozake Shange, Maya Angelou, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie and Zadie Smith

Most women in my top 10 admiration list have featured head wraps – Chimamanda, Maya, Zadie, Ntozake – and they look divine.  I guess I don’t feel confident enough to pull it off.… Read more...

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Eve Arnold’s Women

Posted by Kay

Eve Arnold


Marilyn on the set of The Misfits 1960. Magnum


Many of you have seen the work of photojournalist Eve Arnold from the photographs of Marilyn Monroe on the set of John Huston’s 1960 film The Misfits when the renowned photojournalism agency Magnum were given exclusive access. Eve was on the set in Nevada for 4 months along with others in the agency at the time (Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson & Inge Morath) and was the first woman ever to work at the cooperative.

Eve first met Marilyn when they were both at early stages of their careers and later recalled “At photo sessions, she was in total control, she manipulated everything-me, the camera and I never met anyone who could make them respond the way she did”.… Read more...

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Instant Thicker Thatch

Post by Thandie

As Grace Travis in Rogue

As Grace Travis in Season 1 of Rogue

I love beauty tips when you’re not expecting them. ‘Happened a few weeks ago when I was in FREEEEZING Toronto shooting the 3rd Season of Rogue. (Kay you’ll love this one.) I’m always apprehensive of working with new hairdressers – for obvious reasons. I never assume someone’s going to know my hair better than me. And of course no one should – but they can definitely add to your knowledge.  All of you familiar with my character in Rogue know that I play Grace Travis – indestructible and relentless.… Read more...

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Spring into Spring!

Posted by Kay

Yes the streets of London are dotted with canopies of pink blossom but shall I tell you how I knew that Spring had arrived?

I’ve got spots! Or zits as y’all say across the pond.

Just when I thought I was too old to get them, the pimples are having a last hurrah, sprouting up like dandelions on a Spring English lawn but a lot less pretty. Yes, that’s right, there’s nothing like a change in temperature-or more importantly moisture, that says to my face “you need to change the skincare lady”.

Skin gets dryer in the winter; brusque winds and central heating turn the dewiest skin into parched planes as the moisture (often mistaken for oil) is drawn out of the skin’s surface.… Read more...

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Prime Mistress of Hair

Post by Thandie.

Patricia Morales! Her name should be a cocktail beverage of sweet, savoury, danger and delight.

Hair by PM - Premiere of 2012

Hair by PM – Premiere of 2012

I bumped into her Highness of Hair recently in LA; remembering my 2 times working with her on movie premieres (and her making me look seriously hot both times, for

At RocknRolla Premiere (Hair by PM) with Idris Elba and Gerry Butler

At the premiere of RocknRolla (Hair by PM) with Idris Elba and Gerry ButlerRock n Rolla and 2012).Rock n Rolla and 2012).

Rock n Rolla and 2012).



Though truly,  the thing I remember most is how gorgeous, wise, kind and cool she is.… Read more...

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Truly Moving On from Cultural Misappropriation by TK Wonder

Posted by Kay

TK by Cipriana Quann

TK by her sister Cipriana Quann


Singer TK Wonder has recently been featured in Vogue US, The Gap Holiday plus  &Other Stories campaigns along with her identical twin sister, Cipriana Quann (co-founder of Urban Bush Babes).

She is currently working on her debut solo EP as well as fulfilling her role as executive contributor for Urban Bush Babes.

“Move on already! It was a joke, get over it!”

I’m sure you’ve heard this point of view before. In our all-too polarized media it ranges from “People are too sensitive” to  “Oh no playing the race card again,” and in response to the recent Fashion Police faux-pas, “Patchouli oil and weed is in reference to hippies, not black people!”

Another side of the argument is laced with cultural misappropriation: ‘racially insensitive is a nice way of saying racist’ and ‘If she isn’t then why did Giuliana Rancic say Kylie Jenner’s faux locs were edgy but Zendaya Coleman‘s smelled of weed?’

Whichever perspective appeals to you, I think the majority of us should recognize that these remarks were made out of simple ignorance.… Read more...

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The Playfulness and Politics of Black Hair

By Bwalya Newton

Bwalya Newton photographed by Kay

Bwalya Newton photographed by Kay

Black hair is political.

From Angela Davis’ ‘fro to Rastafarian dreadlocks; black hairstyles are weighted with the cultural histories and struggles of the liberation of black people.

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

As a black woman, I’ve come to learn that our hair will often be a bone of contention; something to ogle at and discuss at great length.

Whether braided or wearing a twist-out, my hair is one of the ways in which I can convey my wonderful complexities and pride. It’s also sometimes not that serious.











However, wearing your hair in its natural state garners immediate assumptions, some of which are offensive.


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Let’s Talk About The Tache…

Posted by Kay, inspired by Thandie’s Instagram last Tuesday…

Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene...'My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache and I use Jolene Cream Bleach'

Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene…’My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache. I use Jolene Cream Bleach’



















While While in my Uber en route to The Second Marigold Hotel premiere (Thandie’s hubby Ol Parker was the screenwriter) last Tuesday, I checked our instagram and saw that Thandie had posted the above self-portrait with strategically placed Jolene Creme Bleach while getting ready at Claridges Hotel in London.

Our Facial Hair Arsenal of choice

Our Facial Hair Arsenal of choice

I giggled to myself because I too had ‘dealt with my tache’ that day with my method of choice-Nair Facial Hair Removing Cream and having not seen Thandie since January, I loved that we were on the same wavelength, or rather, tache length.… Read more...

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