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To Shave Or Not To Shave…

Posted by Thandie

Is there even a question ? Well not so much questions as ‘options’: hair removal cream, bic razor, electrolysis (is that still available?), the dreaded waxing. Do we stop at the knee? Or go all the way up over the thigh? And why stop there when we can go full-power right on through the bush, via a hairy nipple, armpit and finish up with a Jada Pinkett Smith demi Mohawk.

To Shave or Not to Shave

Picture by Cachete Jack

Full mow of the lady garden complete.

I remember the first time I went to Cannes Film Festival in 1995; I excitedly shaved my legs, toes, arms and fingers– I wanted to be eel smooth for the Premier.… Read more...

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Big Bushy Hair

Post by Thandie.

thandiekay.comThis is about hair and healing. If you’re featuring kinks you’ll acknowledge that the two often go together. We’ve already devoted many pages to the theme here at ThandieKay – and doubtless there’ll be many more to come.

I went to an all-girls boarding school between the ages of 12 and 18. We wore a tidy uniform, and the hair discipline was similarly straightforward. Especially the ‘straight’ part. I was a dance student and half of every week day was spent throwing down shapes, so my hair was pulled back in a bun or braid. The weekend was where we got to express ourselves with clothes, hair and make up.… Read more...

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Grey hair- no longer in the shade

Posted by Kay

Eve Claxton

Eve Claxton

Thandie and I met British writer and journalist Eve Claxton in New York recently. We were both struck by how much her eye colour was accentuated, what a lovely effect it had on her skin tone and the overall striking beauty of her hair-and her in it.

We asked her to write about going grey, and her decision to accept, rather than correct it.


“When you’re a woman with prematurely grey hair, you tend to notice others who are in the same predicament.

Just the other day, I was on my way to an appointment in the West Village when I spotted a woman in her 30s with a short silver buzz cut — we flashed each other a smile of recognition as we went by.… Read more...

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Bumble & Bumble Mending Shampoo & Conditioner


Bumble & Bumble Mending Shampoo and Conditioner



This (and Kerastase Olio Relax Mask) are Kay’s favourite conditioners for her long, dry, over blow-dried hair. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water, and if you have hair like Kays, Thandie’s or Phoebe’s -leave a little at the ends!  This rich conditioner begins repairing damage without stripping colour, wilting perms or reverting chemically straightened hair. Both between £20 & £23 ($30 & $33).

Phoebe Collings-James

Artist Phoebe Collings-James

Massage in, leave for 3 minutes and rinse in lukewarm water, leaving a little in the ends

Massage in, leave for 3 minutes and rinse in lukewarm water, leaving a little in the ends































Phoebe Collings-James photographed by Kay

 …

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Dija Ayodele on Facial Hair-stigma, shame & solutions

Posted by Kay

Facialist & Skincare Consultant Dijas Ayodele

Facialist & Skincare Consultant Dija Ayodele

Dija Ayodele has been a facialist and skincare consutant for almost a decade, she enjoys helping people learn about their skin and how to get the best out of it. Thank you for yet another informative piece Dija!

Each morning when Karen* wakes up, she runs her fingers out of habit across her chin and around the sides of her jaw to check for stubble. A quick mental assessment is then taken as to whether she needs the hair removal cream- could she simply get away with tweezing? Paranoid that someone will notice her condition at work, Karen often disappears to the bathroom with a hand mirror and tweezers and pluck away at her skin until she is confident that there are no hairs showing.… Read more...

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Perfect DIY Blowdry

Post by Thandie

Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith

I stopped chemically straightening my hair 4 years ago. The final release from relaxing addiction came when my friend Zadie Smith said “But if you want to wear it straight you just blow it out, right?”.

Zadie is mixed heritage and makes hair wrapping, natural, or a smooth blow dry look effortless. Of COURSE I didn’t have to chemically straighten my hair to create the perfect blow dry, or any other style for that matter…

But when I was a teen, years of hair horror growing up amongst stPhilomena_posterraighties had driven the desire for flaxen hair deep into the marrow of my wishbone.… Read more...

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The Curl Rules by Ojon’s Jennie Roberts

Posted by Kay


At work with Jennie

Thandie and I have worked with hairdresser Jennie Roberts many times over the years, and I’ve always admired her well-maintained, tight and beautifully conditioned curls. I bumped into her the other day on the 1st floor of London’s Corinthia Hotel, amidst the flurry of a press junket we were both working on – and her curls looked particuarly good. Unlike Thandie, I’ve been behind the scenes all my life, so am no pro when it comes to my own hair. I still struggle with getting my wild froth into smooth curls.  So, I had to ask her how she did it.Read more...

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Tancho Lavender Hair Wax

Posted by Kay            tancho_tique_stick_3_pack_ball_beauty

I’ve seen this interesting product for years on shoots as pretty much every hairdresser worth their salt has this in their kit. It looks like a giant Japanese lip balm and is the perfect product to tame unruly hairlines and generally get both thick and curly hair fixed instantly in place.

Thandie say’s “Tancho Lavender hair wax is my fave all round product for use on straight or curly hair – to control and give definition without excess oiliness or weight. I use it as much for a defined straight ‘do’ as when I have a curly ‘up’ do, and I often use it instead of hair spray.”    


All hair below by Thandie.…

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Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Posted by Kay Moroccanoil_Treatment_100ml_1392288768

The Moroccanoil story is that co-founder Carmen Tal was inspired to bring this treatment oil to the wider market after a bad colour service damaged her hair. Whilst travelling in Israel, she was taken to a salon that used an oil-based treatment that transformed her hair from damaged to shiny, smooth and manageable.


Lotte Andersen using MorocconOil. Necklace-worn as a bracelet by MADE

The brand has been said to have ‘kicked off’ the retail trend for hair oils, and has established itself as an effective, at-home, luxury treatment for hair that has a tendency to be dry, course or damaged.… Read more...

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‘Team Love’ by Melissa of Big Hair Beauty

Posted by Kay

Melissa was one of the many lovely people I met at the Sali Hughes Melissa B+W 800‘Pretty White Female’ event that Thandie & I were on the panel of at Selfridges in London recently. I was very inspired by meeting so many enthusiastic entrepreneurs, all with a view to expand the beauty market to embrace women of colour as part of the mainstream by creating beauty brands that are totally inclusive, and in Melissa’s case, created for all hair types and ethnicities rather than the archaic ‘ethnic section’ so commonly segregated to separate areas of a store and specialist outlets.Read more...

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