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Hair-pro spotlight: Anna Cofone’s work with Lana Del Rey

Posted by Kay Lana-Del-Rey800

I first met the super talented Anna Cofone in the days when she assisted the legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight at the shows. I had no idea that I’d been admiring her work for some time without even realising- for she’s been doing Lana Del Rey‘s hairstyling for, well, pretty much everything ever since Lana blew up with her beautifully melancholic single Video Games. Anna got in touch as she loved what Thandie & I were doing with thandiekay, saying she’d love to collaborate. It was Anna who did the gorgeous hair on our recent She’s Gotta Have It shoots.… Read more...

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Hair Heaven

Post by Thandie

Yes, hairs are no longer alive – these threads that we lavish attention on are dead as dodos. That said, with the marriage of two products my lifeless shafts have been cavorting in Hair Heaven.

I know we’re not supposed to brush our hair when it’s wet (it puts strain on the shaft which is prone to breaking at mid-point) – but a hot shower, tangle-teezer-compact-stylerwith the right product and tool, is the perfect solution to de-tangling for my curly hair.

The Tangle Teezer is one of my best friends. I LOVE it. It was a revelation when I came across it a few years ago.… Read more...

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Full Circle: My Mother’s Image by Cipriana Quann

Posted by Kay cipriana-quann

I came across Cipriana Quann via her site, and was struck by how similar the outlook of these 2 New Yorkers (with her online partner Nikisha) was to Thandie and I’s. 

These two lovely ladies , one from Baltimore (Cipriana), the other from Toronto (Nikisha) are best described by themselves on their brilliant online portal so I won’t attempt trying to define them. After reading this, however, I’m sure you’ll find out what they represent and be a regular urban bush babe visitor-if you’re not already of course.


“I want to look just like that!”Mom

I didn’t say it out loud but it is what I was thinking and no, I wasn’t looking at my favorite actress in a movie or tv show, it was what I thought the first time I saw my Mother who had been natural all her life, a woman who sported one of the biggest afros I have ever seen in her all girl’s rock soul band, suddenly come home with a leisure curl (a more moderate version of a jheri curl).

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Giovanni ‘Eco Chic’ Hair Potion


Natural Curls at Cinema For Peace/Congo Initiative

Posted by Thandie

I’ve loved Giovanni’s hair products for a number of years now. The combination of their healthful, ethical approach (boasting no parabens or sulfates) plus excellent product performance makes them an absolute go-to. They’re widely available in stores across North America. I stock up when I’m Stateside (when are you guys coming to Europe goddamit!)Picture 16


Sleek and blow-dried at The Golden Globes

The leave-in conditioner is perfect for refreshing the curls (and kind enough to use on my young daughters’ locks), and their shampoos and conditioners are great – offering a variety for different hair types.… Read more...

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Global Neighbourhood Hair+Beauty Supplies

Posted by Kay

Thandie and I often discuss a particular type of large hair and beauty supply store, usually Asian-run, that seem to be found on the perimeters of most city centres in many of the countries we visit. They’re the jam-packed, no-nonsense kind, with ranges of hair and beauty goods designed especially for ethnic communities who are presently not catered to within high street chemists/drugstores like Boots (in the UK) or Duane Reed and CVS (in the U.S). It’s not ‘experience’ shopping, it’s about necessities and getting what works. The only customer service needed is someone telling you which aisle has what you’re looking for and if it’s on the left or right.… Read more...

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Good Hair

Posted by Kay

This was a post I wrote a year and a half ago for my first blog, it got me the most hits of any post by far and I ended up on BBC Radio talking about the subject of ‘natural hair’. It seemed appropriate to have it in our archives, in a way it was the first ThandieKay post!

Thandie Newton and I first met on a Vogue shoot about 6 years ago. It didn’t take long before I felt that I’d always known her.  She is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met and I’ve been fortunate enough to make-up, wax lyrical and travel with her ever since.Read more...

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