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Thandie in W Magazine On “Why She’s Drawn to Tough Roles”

Post by Thandie.
Thandie in W Magazine “On Why She’s Drawn to Tough Roles” 
The release of Westworld is around the corner (October 2016!) and the publicity machine has officially launched. All us actors have been gagging to talk about participating in the television event of the decade. Which is what Westworld is. It’s exceptional. I haven’t been this excited about a project for a really long time. The potential, the reach, the ambition leaves me giddy. Someone once suggested that to stay good at what you do, you have to remain slightly in awe of it. Westworld defines that idea for me.… Read more...

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Kick-Starting My Fitness in The Big Apple by Amerley Ollennu

With over 10 years experience in the field of beauty and lifestyle journalism, Amerley Ollennu has built a reputation for intelligent, creative, and award nominated writing and has a real knack for capturing the Zeitgeist-that’s why we got her to live-tweet for us when we did a panel at Selfridges on diversity in beauty industry which she then wrote about for us.
After five years at Psychologies Magazine, Amerley decidede to have a complete reboot.. and she did it in NYC!

ThandieKay Trooper Fitness 3‘Wow you’re so brave’

..was the resounding reaction to the news that I’d decided to venture to New York alone for three months to take some time out, re-group and focus on me.… Read more...

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Culture Deep

By Rutendo Wazara

Rutendo WazaraThey say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when one culture imitates another is that a line that shouldn’t be crossed or political correctness on overdrive?

I’ll begin with my own experience. When I was about 8 years old, my family moved to Lagos, Nigeria. Although it was the third country I had moved to, Nigeria was the first place where I experienced a steep learning curve in cultural exchange, bordering on culture shock,-and I loved it!

I was at an international school and one of my favourite traditions was the school’s annual Nigeria Day.… Read more...

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Are we ‘Naturally’ brave? Asks Amy Lynch

Thandie was walking in her local neighborhood recently and chanced upon the lovely Amy Lynch, whose unique face caught her eye. We asked her to write something for us.

Amy Lynch thandiekay.comAmy is an up and coming actress and model. After graduating from Brighton Institute of Modern music, Amy stepped into the world of modelling using it as a gateway to pursue her real passion for acting and performance. After securing campaigns for the likes of The NBA and gracing the cover of several magazines, Amy continues to chip away at her acting career and hopes to land a recurring role in a TV show in the near future.Read more...

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Crossing ‘The Bridge’, a journey of Healing & Transformation

Post by Thandie

Welcome Donna Lancaster – one of the most inspiring people I know. I met Donna when she was my teacher on The Hoffman Process. That 8 days was the most powerful form of therapy I’ve undergone. I packed my most destructive baggage and hauled it away. The process revealed my ingrained, destructive ‘patterns’ and once recognised it was impossible to hold onto them. It was an education in self knowledge and self awareness.

It was appropriately tough, painful, bewildering, frustrating…and equally, once the emotional demons had been discarded, it was the the most profound feeling of joy, hope and freedom.Read more...

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Edible Gardens LA

Love Thandie
Lauri, me and my son Booker. Alex's Lemonade Stand fundraiser earlier this year

Lauri, me and my son Booker. Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser earlier this year

I want to share this e mail with you, from my dear friend Lauri Kranz. Lauri is an angel whose feet touch the ground. Our friendship was soldered at the Venice Film Festival (her then husband had produced the movie I was promoting). Dolce Gabanna had lent me a suitcase of clothes, and I asked Lauri if she wanted to come to my hotel and play dress up. The highest heals and most gorgeous satin dresses. But far more divine were two girls at the start of their journeys to womanhood.… Read more...

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New African Woman

Love Thandie.

Kay and I had a blast shooting our cover story for New African Woman. It all started with our dear friend Noella Coursaris , who felt that a collaboration between me and the magazine would speak volumes about modern Africa. A month later, and we were in Malibu California with Jackie Dixon managing to turn the optimism and excitement into photographic art.

I’d been feeling similarly inspired by designers of African descent surfacing in fashion. In the same way that I love to wear, and fly the flag for British talent, I also love to do the same for the other side of my heritage.… Read more...

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My body is not an apology: Race, Representation & Beauty by Emma Dabiri

Post by Thandie and Kay.

Emma Dabiri is an Irish-Nigerian PhD researcher in Goldsmiths, and teaching fellow in the Africa Department at The School of Oriental African Studies. She also works as a commercial model. Thandie encountered her when she read an article Emma wrote for The New Statesman earlier this year. They struck up a Twitter chat, and the rest is history – as written by @TheDiasporaDiva. Welcome to her 21st century world.


I recently got caught up in an online debate about a black celebrity who has completely transformed her face, arguably to make it look more European. While the jury was out as to whether or not she should have had plastic surgery, the conversation was largely framed around whether or not the surgery was successful.… Read more...

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Spring into Spring!

Posted by Kay

Yes the streets of London are dotted with canopies of pink blossom but shall I tell you how I knew that Spring had arrived?

I’ve got spots! Or zits as y’all say across the pond.

Just when I thought I was too old to get them, the pimples are having a last hurrah, sprouting up like dandelions on a Spring English lawn but a lot less pretty. Yes, that’s right, there’s nothing like a change in temperature-or more importantly moisture, that says to my face “you need to change the skincare lady”.

Skin gets dryer in the winter; brusque winds and central heating turn the dewiest skin into parched planes as the moisture (often mistaken for oil) is drawn out of the skin’s surface.… Read more...

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The Playfulness and Politics of Black Hair

By Bwalya Newton

Bwalya Newton photographed by Kay

Bwalya Newton photographed by Kay

Black hair is political.

From Angela Davis’ ‘fro to Rastafarian dreadlocks; black hairstyles are weighted with the cultural histories and struggles of the liberation of black people.

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

As a black woman, I’ve come to learn that our hair will often be a bone of contention; something to ogle at and discuss at great length.

Whether braided or wearing a twist-out, my hair is one of the ways in which I can convey my wonderful complexities and pride. It’s also sometimes not that serious.











However, wearing your hair in its natural state garners immediate assumptions, some of which are offensive.


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