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New Year, Same You.

Posted by Kay.

Sitting on a sofa full of clutter and a belly a little rounder than it was before Christmas, I’m writing ‘The New Year Post’.


I’d planned on being all full of inspiration, having zestfully discussed with Thandie how great it would be to write a post that’s about celebrating who got you here, who you already are, rather than a mythical ‘new you’ that everyone else will find so much better than this you. You know-that one you actually are, right here, right now, yes- you.

Having stalled all day after getting up late, I went to the gym in search of endorphins and epiphanies but instead found a rather sweatless workout and a realisation of zero new year’s eve plans.… Read more...

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On the Spot

Post by Thandie.


Me at 16

Acne. I used to think it was a prowling, menacing lurgy that left its mark.  Waking up to a zinger on my face could be the difference between feeling fly and feeling foul. It seems almost cruel that it can cling like fear to shy teens, struggling as they are to face the world. It doesn’t help when beauty brand advertising shows epidermal perfection on every page. In truth the  models in magazine ads are no exception – they’re often blemishLESS as a result of technological touch-ups (photoshop). Even movie stars have been known to have guarantees of CGI in their contracts, to alter their skin in post production, in case of breakouts.… Read more...

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Eat Yourself Beautiful

Thandie and Elizabeth Peyton Jones

Thandie and Elizabeth Peyton Jones

Posted by Thandie.

I’ve had the amazing good fortune of being a client of naturopath Elizabeth Peyton Jones for a number of years. Her holistic approach to wellness includes nutrition, kineseology and vast experience in the power of the mind-body connection.  Elizabeth is now focusing her energy on making her wisdom available for all – her first book ‘Eat Yourself Young’ will need to be wrestled from my cold, dead hands… although that’ll take an eternity because if I keep up with her programme I’m going to be sticking around for a long time!

Taking the old adage ‘Beauty Comes From Within’ as a starting point, can you give an overview of how nutrition is key to the healthy, youthful glow that we associate with beauty?


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Jivamukti Rocks


Post by Thandie

Thandie, Durga and Kay at Jivamukti Yoga London

Thandie, Durga and Kay at Jivamukti Yoga London

Kay and I smile when we talk about Jivamukti Yoga. Our inner lights blink on. We’ve both been devotees for a number of years, and go as much as we can in London and New York. I started in the London studio, and Kay in the New York centre (Kay lived in New York for most of the nineties). Sometimes we meet on the mat for a 10am class before a days work on ThandieKay.

I’ve tried different kinds of yoga. I loved Hatha yoga when I was pregnant, I attempted a Vinyasa class with my agent Gaby in LA and nearly died (while she had barely broken a sweat), I was hypnotized by Bikram for a couple of years… But my first Jivamukti class with Durga (above middle) was transcendental.… Read more...

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Beauty on board

Posted by Kay

Due to our jobs, Thandie & I have accumulated our fair share of air mileage and are all too aware of the effects that flying-especially long haul- has on the body. We’re frequently expected to be at our best at the other end, sometimes as soon as we get off the plane. Suffice to say, we love collecting a tip or two.

So, inspired by Thandie’s recent shoot to launch British Airways A380 aircraft ‘red carpet route’ to Los Angeles (right), we thought we’d share a few natural remedies along with Thandie’s make-up look which she did herself ( I was already booked harrumph) on the day.… Read more...

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Saving Face

Posted by Thandie.

Imagine.  An ordinary day. A voice that prompts you to turn, or answer the door, and in a few heartbeats your face, your identity, is easily and brutally disfigured for life.Zainab - SAVINGFACE

It’s the stuff of nightmares, of whispered contracts with God. It’s unimaginable.

But acid attacks are a reality on a global scale. A few cases have been reported in UK and USA. But it’s most common in Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India; all countries where patriarchy is deeply entrenched. A giant percentage of the victims are women and girls. Cornell University  conducted a study in 2011 and found that most attacks were acts of revenge, because a woman spurned sexual advances or rejected a marriage proposal.… Read more...

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