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Pirelli Disrupts the Pin-Up

By Charlie Siddick

A 70's Pirelli woman by Allen Jones_edited-1The Italian tyre company, Pirelli, have published a calendar annually since 1964, and is known as a showcase for iconic photographers to shoot high fashion models normally robed in, rather than disrobed of the YSL. This iconic tradition is presented as a limited edition ‘art calender’, unlike the usual fayre adorning the sooty walls of 70’s car mechanics.

The last decade has seen the company increasingly garner criticism not only for it’s regressive depiction of femininity, but also for its lack of diversity. For the most part, the women displayed were always three things: white, thin, and traditionally beautiful from a western perspective.… Read more...

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When the Handmaidens United in Protest

I’ve always admired Margaret Atwood’s dystopian 1985 novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which tells the story of a religious coup that results in a theocracy called Gilead, where women are stripped of rights and forced (the world has, except for a few, become mysteriously infertile) to bear children for the society’s elite. Like all dystopian tales, this is an exaggerated version of an existing societal construct and due to the present US administration, and thanks to Hula TV’s brilliant adaptation, the novel has become relevant again. Back in 1985 I could never have imagined a man as regressive as Trump becoming a president, or the idea of free women’s sexual healthcare and contaception being threatened in a supposedly first-world country, or the need to be still protesting about the reproductive rights of women over their own bodies-but here we are.Read more...

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Being Millennial by Charlie Siddick

I am a world citizen. All human history is mine. My roots cover the earth. I believe we should know each other. After all, our lives are all connected. Jim Haynes, Inviting the World to Dinner.

Charlie SiddickName: Charlie Siddick

Born: 02/03/1994 in North West London
Education: sixth form, UCS. BA from the Courtauld Institute of Art
Nationality: British mother and Jamaican/British mix father.
Work: model since 2010, creative director of clothing company Amarcord
Hopes for the future: to continue to work with inspiring creatives and help make the world a better place.

I am a millennial– a part of ‘Generation Y’.


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The Legacy of political journalist & reporter Gwen Ifill

by Oyin Akande

On November 14th, Gwen Ifill passed away, aged 61. Her name may or may not be familiar to you but her path-making has certainly made a hell of a mark on the news and media representation of African-American women. She was one of the leading political journalists and analysts in the U.S., an author and the host of PBS NewsHour, alongside Judy Woodruff and Washington Week. 


Courtesy: Joel Barbee

Born, in New York, the daughter of Caribbean immigrants, she grew up in America in the 60s. It was then, aged 9, she decided she wanted to be a journalist.… Read more...

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Trump: Our Dark-winged Angel

By Donna Lancaster

If ever there was a time to collectively come together and grieve, it is now.

As the world is reeling from the shock of Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential elections, now more than ever we are being handed an opportunity to do things differently. The whole experience allows us, individually and collectively, to expand or contract our hearts accordingly. And this I believe will determine the true outcome of these challenging times. More love or more hate, more taking or more giving, more blame or more responsibility, to wake up or to stay asleep.

As I see it , we have two options before us:



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Whose American Dream Is It Anyway?

By Oyin Akande

fullsizerenderIt is easy to feel disappointed by the results of the 2016 US presidential election if you’re a woman, a person of colour, Muslim, disabled or if you’re the sort of person who has compassion or respects the progresses we’ve managed to make in human rights over the last 50 years- not that we are near any image of equality just yet. Trump’s antics are widely know but Vice-President Michael Pence offers no solace. He believes that gay rights lead to “societal collapse” and has opposed every law and amendment that affords the LGBT community equal rights. According to him, gay people can be treated and converted ‘back’ to heterosexuality.… Read more...

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Occupying Space: V&A gal-dem takeover

By Oyin Akande

On Friday 28th October 2016, the print and online magazine representing and represented by women of colour, gal-dem celebrated the launch of the gal-hood issue, its first print publication by occupying the traditional space of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A hosts a Friday Late where the museum extends its public opening hours until 22.00 on every last Friday of the month. Last week, however, was perhaps the first time that the 160+ year old institution was celebrated beautiful female diversity in this way.

It was a striking clash of fossilised artefacts with active, energetic voices; of a hegemonic establishment with non-normative, progressive feminism.… Read more...

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My Motherland, My Zimbabwe by Rutendo Wazara

When Kay and Thandie first asked me to write about Zimbabwe, I was excited, proud even, to share my love for my country and my people. Though my excitement soon turned to dread as I thought, “how can I do justice to a country that I had not lived in for fifteen years?”. 

Similarly to Thandie, my father’s job took our family away from Zimbabwe when I was young. We lived in Botswana, Nigeria and eventually settled in South Africa. I have lived most of my life outside of Zimbabwe yet have never felt that Zimbabwe was too far from me.… Read more...

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Interview with Actress Roseanne Supernault

by Patricia Yaker Ekall

DSC_8225IGBehind a name as powerful as Supernault is a woman who embodies all the energy and beauty the name could hold. Roseanne Supernault is a Canadian actress from the East Prairie Metis Settlement- a woman proud of her Cree/Metis heritage. Discovered at 13, she has been performing for years, eventually graduated from the Victoria School of Arts in Alberta. She is best known for her roles in the 2013 drama Maïna and more recently the Netflix crime-political drama Blackstone. She is a driven activist, running workshops that work with indigenous young people in Canada and is actively involved in the Idle No More, a protest movement in support of the rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Read more...

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