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She’s Gotta Have It! Artis Makeup Brushes

Posted by Thandie

Tina brushing me up!

Tina brushing me up!

I’m currently on set filming a movie and our make-up artist, Tina Roesler Kerwin, is using these brushes on me which are fabulous. They are Artis Makeup Brushes and great for achieving an “air brushed quality” she says.

They look unusual compared to a normal beauty brush – is it a toothbrush? Is it a spoon? Is it a loofah?

The stunning ergonomic design is aimed to compliment the contours of the face and helps you see the area you’re working on, with better control too.

We also love them because they’re cruelty-free so no animal hairs used, just man-made fibres – a clever material called CosmiFibre which apparently holds its shape better than animal hair and allows up to three times more fibres than a conventional brush.

According to Arits, these bristles have ‘microscopically tapered ends’ which means they can blend powders and foundations into skin seamlessly, particularly cream eyeshadow and cream rouge. This design feature also means less product is trapped in between fibres but held neatly at the tips instead.

artis makeup brushs thandie newtonThere are 10 shaped brushes for different uses and I’ve been using the brushes in combination with my very favourite Mud HD Air Liquid Make Up. It’s amaaaaaazing. It’s these two products that have been making my days.





Order your Artis brushes from Nigel’s in LA.


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