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Oasis for the Skin – Jurlique

Oasis for the skin

What starts off on the skin quickly transfers in to the body

Post by Thandie

Jurlique‘ – organic by name (it’s a combo of the founder’s names) and nature (the duo combine botany, horticulture, biochemistry and naturopathy). I came across the skincare range when I was shooting Mission Impossible2 in Australia 16 years ago. Back then the bottles were milky white with simple blue writing.


The ingredients had been harvested and combined with utmost care, and were elixirs for the skin that felt sacred enough not to want to waste a drop. By regular standards they were expensive – but appropriately so. A couple of years later I was shipping Jurlique to England throughout pregnancy.  I knew that skin was our largest organ, so what starts off ‘on‘ the skin quickly transfers ‘in‘ to the body.


The pure, organic ingredients of Jurlique were the first nurturing gift I gave my growing baby.

I’ve been aware of Jurlique changing over the years; noticing its expansion, change of packaging and international availability. I’d even heard names of Hollywood directors who’d invested in the company! I guess I became jaded and sad to see it go.

With the cast of The Slap

With the cast of The Slap

Until, working on The Slap this Summer,  divine make up artist Stacey Panepinto re-introduced me to the line. I could not be more grateful, or more wrong about the brand’s evolution. It’s like Jurlique has a savvy, cool, intelligent younger sister! |How unusual to see a brand with authenticity and integrity maintain its high standards with expansion – and in terms of performance, Jurlique is a great example of how it can be done.

The original Rose Hydrating Mist is now ‘Rosewater Balancing Mist’ Jurlique_Rosewater_Balancing_Mist_50ml_1364905531and is back on my shelf where it was all those years ago.

It’s like walking through a rose garden at dawn. Heaven.

In fact, you can do just that if you book a tour of the Biodynamic Jurlique Farm in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills –

where it’s been since the 80s – 7,500 native trees planted and still going strong.

HolidaySkinHibiscusWhat struck me most was the nourishment my skin gets from using the products.

Shooting in NY brings a lot of work for skincare – pollution, changes in weather, air conditioning, heavier make up, working in a dusty studio with harsh hot lights… The fall and winter is tough on everyone’s skin, and the Jurlique package has been my saving grace. Ironically 14 years later I have another baby – so he gets the benefits of organic ingredients just like his sister did!

Here are my top picks from Jurlique’s current range:

Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cleanser. Amazing! Creamily cleanses make up RMP-Cleanserand oils leaving skin clean rather than parched. The smell is gorgeous, so it’s an aromatherapy treatment which calms and revives as you wash the day away. So good.

Rosewater Mist. Take a walk in that Rose Garden without travelling all the way to South Australia!

 Skin Balancing Face Oil. I love this product. The smell is crazy lovely, and I use it with alone (at night – too oily Jurlique_Skin_Balancing_Face_Oil_50ml_1364905545by day) or adding a couple of extra drops to my nighttime moisturiser. I also use a few drops on my hair’s dry ends as a special treat, or to perfume it when I’m going out. Works brilliantly as a serum.


Rose Silk Finishing Powder. Kay always has this in her kit – its Thandie-POWDER3800px3translucence makes it great for all skin tones, and the smell is intoxicating and instantly uplifting – the perfect treat to finish any make up look.JurliquePowder










See the Jurlique website for more!

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