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Feeling Fervent Blue, by Chanel

Post by Thandie

Thandie Natural thandiekay.com


I’ll never forget spending the evening with Stella McCartney a few years ago. I turned up at her house red carpet ready;  her date for the premiere of the documentary Food Inc. It was dinner time at the Willis residence; they had 3 kids then, and all were busy eating pasta, hummus and veggie deliciousness. I was in awe of how easily she was raising her brood to be vegetarian. Stella had zipped back from work, was having a lark with her young-uns, and what felt like minutes later we were in the car on our way.

But, Stella did not have a LICK of make up on. Incidentally, I love Stella without make up – she has the biggest eyes, and the softest skin. Without make up you want to be enveloped by her other worldly beauty – be hypnotised by her eyes. It’s very intimate to see a woman without make up – trusting and quiet. Make up can be a visual boundary – “Now I’m ready to be seen.”

And then the fun – while gabbing away, she took out a ‘My Face‘ (Charlotte Tilbury’s first line) eye shadow pallet and in 3 minutes her eyes were framed in that arresting signature Stella look. Mascara was another 30 seconds – all the while chatting. Moments later we were on the red carpet. I was spellbound. No team of groomers, no complicated application. Eye shadow, mazzie, and she was ready for anything.

So, here’s my current fave for turning dewy daytime into alluring nighttime. The McCartney way. And with an eyeliner like this-the MESSIER is actually the better! The warmer the product, the easier it glides. So, WEEEERRRRK that pencil!


Fervant Blue thandiekay.com

Give it a good smush on your hand first to get it going, and then line close to the lashes, really working it into the lash line top and bottom. Then blend with a finger as you go.

Bus, tube, limo, loo…this pencil and you can bust a look anywhere. The intense pigment of  Chanel‘s Fervent Blue pencil is to die for.

I adore the colour, with its trace of shimmer, and I’m certain it would look WOW on any skin tone.

Tuck it into the side pocket of your back back when you head for the Festivals – no need even for a mirror – you can find a reflective surface anywhere…or on your i phone. Guerilla make up on the loose!

Thandie in Chanel Fervant Blue thandiekay.com _edited-1

Feeling Fervent Blue!

Watch thandie apply it here!

It also comes in these shades…

4b5964ef936fa154916907111409077aYou can buy them at Chanel

Kay gets Thandie ready for Chanel


Thandie talking to vogue.com

Very few brands have the allure of Chanel, and last June, even the most seasoned of guests were in awe as the new flagship store opened in London.

Modelled on Mme Chanel’s apartment, designer Peter Marino created the most beautiful environment for a fabulous night of glass-clinking, camera flashing and a chance to get dressed and made-up to the nines.

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