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A loveletter to the sweatshirt

Posted by Kay

Iphone selfie of new £19.99 Gap Sweatshirt

Iphone selfie of new £19.99 Gap Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts. What is it about me and sweatshirts?

Is it because I grew up on American Hip-Hop culture-OR-have always been an athletic person/too lazy in my downtime to wear anything with a waist? Am I realising my inner fly-girl or simply aching to be in stretch fabrics after a week in heels and dresses?

Whatever the reasons, sweatshirts for me are my sartorial downtime default setting.

I’m drawn to the teenage baby blanket-ness of them; to me they are one of the most under-exploited garments regarding the potential for design and imagination.

I have collected many and have thrown away few, for as all sweatshirt nerds know, the more they get fatigued by the washing machine, the closer they become to you.

One of my favourites is a ten year old Marc by Marc Jacobs one with peplum sleeves..then there’s the oversized faded shrimp one from the mens department from a summer sale at Cos.. The good ones find you, you don’t go looking for them. My latest is this favourite from Gap.


Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 16.53.20Ron Herman’s freecity brand is great,

if a little expensive but the quality is fabulous. Lulu Lemon is also great quality and goes up to 3 ply, trust Canadians to understand how a comforting sweatshirt literally wraps you up in cotton wool to pad you up in brutal weather. I just don’t love the style and design. I’m all about classic early 80’s unisex with a little maverick detail.



Bwalya Newton wears Kay’s WILDFOX. Photo Jermaine Francis


                             Thandie’s fave brand is WILDFOX,

which she initially discovered through their kids line.

The fabric ingredients are to fabric what a Victoria Sponge is to cake – plush but lightweight –  sweatshirt heaven. The perfect combination of stretch, softness, and washing machine friendliness. Their designs are hip-centric, so partnered with a jean rather than a YSL pencil skirt.”

I came across the brand when I shot with Amanda De Cadenet who was wearing Wildfox. Off I went to Selfridges and bought this ‘cherry bomb destroyed one worn by Bwalya Newton right.


Thandie also loves Isabel Marant‘s ‘Etoile’ update of the sweatshirt even for nighttime chic – and she combines her grey Etoile sweatshirt with everything from a sequinned Marni skirt, to wearing under a Stella McCartney tux. One drawback is that the washing machine is not kind to the (expensive) Marant line (below) – and taking a sweatshirt to the dry cleaners is a bit of a mind-bender! “Really, the sweatshirt needs to be affordable AND machine washable” say’s Thandie. Agreed.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.03.57




         Check out Chantal Young below


on She’s Gotta Have It here

Charlie Siddick wears Chantal Young. Photo Jermaine Francis, Hair Anna Cofone, M-Up Kay.

For comfort, cool and design, She’s Gotta Have Sweatshirts.


Many thanks to our amazing team! All links below.

Photography Jermaine Francis

Model Charlie Siddick  instagram @charliesiddick

Hair Anna Cofone  twitter @annacofone

Nails Sabrina Gayle @NailedBySG









Chantal Young’s Batik Print Sweatshirts


“I wanted to modify that image by adding something poetic and expressive”

Posted by Kay

I’ve been coveting my friend Rachel’s Chantal Young sweatshirt (worn by Charlie, right) for a while now, so when we had a day of thandiekay shooting recently, she kindly dropped it off for Jermaine Francis to shoot.

Born in London, Chantal is a print and Batik designer living in Milan. She has always been interested in fabrics, dyeing techniques and  adapting clothes by changing the colour and by printing.

She began by printing on second hand garments with her own simple patterns for years until one day it grew into more of refined business.

Regarding the choice of fabrics that don’t usually get adorned with any more than a logo, Chantal says “I like an unexpected combination, standard sportswear is often conventional,  masculine and plain, I wanted to modify that image by adding something poetic and expressive”

The common sweatshirt and T-shirt is no more. Hello to more ever-evolving canvases.

Chantal is available at hakkagoodsie.com

See Chantal’s wordpress here

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.31.11













Charlie Siddick by Jermaine Francis, hair Anna Cofone, M-Up Kay.


Charlie wears a light base of Chanel Perfection Lumiere and a dusting on the T-Zone with Jurlique Rose Scented Loose Powder

Lipstick Queen's Saint Pinky Nude

Lipstick Queen’s Saint Pinky Nude










Many thanks to our amazing team! All links below.

Photography Jermaine Francis

Model Charlie Siddick  instagram @charliesiddick

Hair Anna Cofone  twitter @annacofone

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