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Clarisonic ‘Smart Profile’

Posted by Kay

Whenever people ask me about ‘favourite beauty products’ or ‘best tips’ or ‘products to look better fast, I often feel that my answers sound a little dull..

That’s because people expect me to wax lyrical about the latest, exclusive and glamorous make-up items that I have the privilege of having access to. But in truth what I actually think makes the most difference  (apart from the typical-yet absolutely vital healthy diet/exercise/plenty of water) is good old fashioned cleansing and moisturising.

We’ve talked a lot about our favourite moisturisers but in order to get the whole beauty gamut I must extoll the virtues of EXFOLLIATION!

Who doesn’t have those little rough patches and mini bumps around the chin and nose crevices, or a dry looking pallor even after moisturising and eating your greens?


The Clarisonic ‘MIA 2’ in white. 2 Speeds For when you need something a little extra gentle

Do any of you treat what you think is dry skin the become confused that your pores get clogged? You probably don’t have dry skin at all, you just need to EXFOLLIATE!

The usual suspect for all of the above is simply dead skin.

So I’d like to tell you all about something I’ve been using for a long time now which is really great for keeping your skin beautifully buffed, and by that I mean silky smooth, stimulated and therefore peachy-plump.


Clarisonic Smart Profile


I had my first Clarisonic over a year ago and was immediately sold on this battery operated facial dynamo and the new ‘Smart Profile’ Clarisonic is the latest and most fancy version yet and has now extended it’s repetoire to the whole body.

Smart Profile

It comes with a ‘Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head along with te Smart Dynamic Facial Brush Head.

See Smart Profile here #clarisonicuk #smartchoices

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