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A Crush on Coral

Post by Kay

Decorative coral

Decorative coral

Precious Coral, what an other-wordly looking material-what is it exactly? Although it resembles inert rock, surprisingly, coral is actually an animal, a colonial population of simple polyps, (similar to jellyfish but they don’t move) comprised of a group of tentacles, a mouth and a digestive gut. An accumulation of these ‘exoskeletons’ produce the coral reef, which is limestone, and both are the result of a symbiotic relationships between organic and inorganic chemistry.

Coral polyps start life as free floaters, eventually attaching themselves to a solid surface.  They reproduce both asexually and sexually by releasing eggs and sperm into the sea, called coral spawning.  The coral reef is the most delicate and complex ecosystem on Earth, the largest reef system is the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Along with the rain forests, coral reefs have been analysed as being responsible for nearly 90% of the Earth’s oxygen levels in our atmosphere, though both ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming rate due to the destruction of habitat.

Coral and sentiment

vintage coral earrings thandiekay.comI’ve always loved coral, probably because I used to find old earrings and brooches belonging to my mother in her drawer when I was little. I do a similar thing now, except now I rifle through the ‘drawers’ of Pinterest to add to my Jewellery board. There’s a good selection of faux coral earrings on Amazon,  and Kenneth Lane does these pretty coral earrings.  Kenneth Jay Lane coral earrings thandiekay.com







Crushing on Coral Make-Up

Regarding make-up, coral is also the the ideal, slightly less mainstream version of red lipstick. It has more of an eccentric edge, yet has the same glamorous impact minus any sense of retro.

Electric Coral Art Stick by Bobbi Brown

Electric Coral Art Stick by Bobbi Brown

Cosima in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown

Singer/Songwriter Cosima has been one of our ‘house models’ recently, and Lily Bertrand-Webb came round to the HQ to photograph her. Femi Konte did her hair in a half cornrow, half free-curl style and I had fun painting her face and being a general bossy boots all day!

Cosima in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown

Cosima in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown


Cosima in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown thandiekay.com

Cosima in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown


Cosima by Lily Bertrand Webb  in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown thandiekay.com

Cosima by Lily Bertrand Webb in Electric Coral by Bobbi Brown

 Join the coral crush with Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick in Electric Coral

Photographs by Lily Bertrand-Webb

The team! Lily, Femi, Cosima and Kay

The team! Lily, Femi, Cosima and Kay

Hair by Femi Konte

Make up by me assisted by Christabel Draffin

Keep updated on Cosima..






Estee Lauder’s Coral Halo

Posted by Kay NaomiCoralPost800

I invited my friend Naomi Shimada over to my place today as I wanted to try out some new make-up and experiment..

When I first saw this lipstick I saw ‘the dreaded’ pearl so immediately thought maybe not.

But actually, on olive skin like Naomi (who is half Japanese), it actually looked really great in a retro-cool kind of soft coral way.

Naomi loved it so much I had to give it to her!

Naomi is on The Curve board at Milk Agency

See her blog

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Estee Lauder Coral Halo

Estee Lauder Coral Halo

   NaomiCoral Halo800









Photos & Make-Up by Kay

Issey Miyake Me Line top Naomi’s own (but if you keep up with Issey Miyake onlineyou may find similar).

Earrings by Antipodean as part of a collaboration with Ebony Fleur

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