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Stealing Beauty

Love Thandie

This morning I found my orchid naked. All her blooms were scattered at the base – perfectly intact. thandiekay.com

That’s the way of the orchid right? She drops her babies when she’s ready.  I knew I had to make the most of these dying beauties – my first thought? Hair accessories!

The fact that today is a day off from shooting; a laundry day, a clean the crud out of the cracks in the high chair day – I still had to use these gorgeous blooms. So, I’m in cut off denim shorts and a shirt, rocking a row of fresh found orchids in my braid out.

I guess you could buy stems and use them – but I also like spontaneity when dressing up.  Like a daisy chain made in the park, or a found rose popped in a button hole.

Not everything is mass produced and with a price tag on it.

Let’s Occupy the gardens and hedgerows!

(Thank you Lisa Schejola – my dear friend who came over for dinner with the orchid a few months ago.)

Susan Orlean's book was the inspiration for Spike Jonze's film 'Adaptation'.

Susan Orlean’s book was the inspiration for Spike Jonze’s film ‘Adaptation’.

And if you haven’t already, read Susan Orlean‘s gorgeous novel – which was the inspiration behind Spike Jonze’s film ‘Adaptation’. Here’s am excerpt:

“I passed so many vacant acres and looked past them to so many more vacant acres and looked ahead and behind at the empty road and up at the empty sky; the sheer bigness of the world made me feel lonely to the bone. The world is so huge that people are always getting lost in it.

There are too many ideas and things and people, too many directions to go. I was starting to believe that the reason it matters to care passionately about something is that it whittles the world down to a more manageable size. It makes the world seem not huge and empty but full of possibility.

If I had been an orchid hunter I wouldn’t have seen this space as sad-making and vacant – I think I would have seen it as acres of opportunity where the things I loved were waiting to be found.”







































































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