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Hair in the sun ‘masque and braid’

Posted by Kay

Don’t us frizzy-haired gals have a tempestuous relationship with moisture?Me on hols in Deia

My fine (Mum), frizzy (Dad) hair is so receptive to the damp stuff that you can judge the humidity of a country within seconds upon landing from my hairline alone.

On thandiekay we’ve discussed accepting the frizz, freeing the frizz, managing the frizz, straightening the frizz and wrapping the frizz- love that versatility! We see our wonderfully nutty tresses as yet another creative material.

So, inspired by a beautiful holiday in hot, sunny Deia (Mallorca), I thought I’d share my LOW MAINTENANCE (hair as an actual lifestyle-hell no!) way to manage and condition my long hair: hair that has received a few too many blow dries, been unceremoniously soldered by the curling tong and on top of that, rather neglected by the scissors.


I always wash my hair with a shampoo that contains no detergent. Did you know that detergent makes hair more frizzy? ‘Oh help’ I hear you say.. because all regular shampoos have detergent, sodium lauryl sulphate plus a whole smorgasboard of chemicals that do nada for your hair.

Then there are the fabulous ranges of natural, luxe haircare with no nasties BUT they cost a fortune, so what to do?

Go to the Health food store

There are so many natural products for cleansing the hair that do not cost the price of an evening out-with no petrochemicals and frizz-frothing suds. My favourite is Long & Strong Jojoba Shampoo by Jasons, it is great value at around $9 (or £6.50) for a large bottle.

Back to my hols…Percy & Reed TLC Mask

On my first day, I wash that city right outta my hair, towel dry and anoint my head (especially my blow-dry-broken baby hairs around the hairline and 8 year-old-ends) with Percy & Reed’s Totally TLC Hydrating Mask (also brilliant but uber-pricey-deluxe is Kerastase Masque-Oleo Relax).

Avoid breakage

Hair is weak when wet, so combing and brushing require a few ground rules. We love TangleTeezer-type brushes (this one’s by Sibel) because they get the knots out without taking your hair with it. Always brush from bottom towards the top to get knots out without breaking your precious hair.Sibel Hairbrush

Don’t rinse it out!

Huh? That’s right I leave that rich remedy in, braid and that’s all. I sometimes do one, sometimes two, plus I like how a bigger braid sets big crinkle-waves to wear later on.

Obvs if your hair is short, then have lots of braids.

Leaving in the conditioning mask ensures that those crazy baby-hairs flow into your inner natural wave and of course, feed and protect a head’s worth of hair shafts.

To further keep it this way (okay I have to have me a little vintage, even in a bikini), I tie my hair in an old silk scarf.

*I don’t use shampoo again for the rest of my hols, I just rinse in water, and apply more masque*

So for those who want to spend their holidays relaxing ratherDeia Silk Scarf _edited-1 than fighting the elements and the knotty-brown froth, simply masque and braid!

Happy Summer all!









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