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Matte Nails

Post by Kay


Femi Matte Nails trend We’re lusting over shine-free nails all over again after seeing Femi Konteh (my make-up assistant pictured left here and modelling Bobbi Brown Cream Blusher here.) wearing the densely pigmetnted Chanel Sunrise Trip transformed by Chanel Matte Top Coat to finish.Chanel Sunrise Trip and Matte Topcoat thandiekay.com


Chanel Sunrise Trip

Reflecting no light, this is the ultimate ‘anti-polish nail polish’ 

Try it yourself – simply find the shiniest, brightest nail varnish you own and swipe this top coat over your digits. Instantly the glare will subside but without washing out any colour-as though your nails are moonlit!

Two textured nails using matte and shine is a nail art look worth working- it’s the simplicity that makes it stand out. Arm yourself with a matte top coat and gloss top coat, a slim brush or a dotting tool and on top of the matte finish, once dry, you can paint dots, a half moon or manicured edge with the gloss.    

We think these they look pretty luxe!

Thank you for hand modelling Femi. XX

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