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Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

Posted by Kay

I first came across this lip balm on a Ralph Lauren ad job when the model I was working with had very sore, cracked lips and insisted I use this. It was the only lip balm that didn’t make her lips irritated.

I then discovered another aesthetic bonus-the lip balm wasn’t glossy-which doesn’t work so well in photographs-plus it had a pleasant, honey-flavoured beeswax texture that was much easier to wear than gloopy, petroleum-based balms.


the ’20 ans’ anniversary edition

Since then it’s been by my bedside every night for me to use before bed, and is forever in my kit to keep my models and actresses lips looking, and feeling soft.

Nuxe is often available in local chemists and drugstores.

See the NUXE website.


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