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Dark Skin Pale Lip

Post by Thandie.

Lipstick color – the options are endless. Some people have their signature shade – like my friend Polly who rocked Rimmel’s ‘Heather Shimmer’ all through Uni. The irridescent mauve colour was as much ‘her’ as her ringlets, smile, friendship. Eve Ensler – that RED mouth – giving added power to the final “CUNT!” of her one woman show The Vagina Monologues.Eve Ensler The Vagina Monologues

I noticed at this year’s launch of One Billion Rising in NYC, that Eve replaced her signature red mouth with silver. We all approved, and interpreted the move like we were reading poetry. Which we were.

MAKE UP is SYMBOLISM. No matter how cheap, disposable, You Tubeable, fashionable, marketable, forgettable… Make Up marks us – and for that reason, it matters. We make it matter.Thandie Newton Mad Max

At the recent premiere of Mad Max – Fury Road here in LA I opted for a pale mouth and oily dark eyes.

Pale Lips are a statement. A colourless statement, but a statement. They say effortless. They say look at my eyes. A bitten, berry shade lip is sexual; a pale lip is cerebral. They have the wan look of ‘I don’t care’,  ‘I’m not afraid’ and ‘I’m not trying to make you look at me  (but I notice that you are)’. No wonder all the vampires are bloodless right down to the lip line. It’s very cool, confident, modern – and if you take the vampire metaphor, it’s immortal…

It’s not as simple as wearing no lip colour – because we all have lip colour. We need to cover up the lip colour and replace it with something opaque. I quite like using foundation over my lips and then adding a hint of whatever cheek stain I’ve got going on. I’m crushing on Bite Lip Pencil in SyrahBITE brand’s lip colours at the moment. The packaging and product of this NY label are based around sustainability. They use Agave as a base ingredient, so the taste is fantastic. I used their High Pigment Pencil in SYRAH.

I noticed that Zoe Kravitz rocked a pale lip on the carpet too… to great effect.zoe-kravitz-at-mad-max-fury-road-premiere-in-hollywood_4

Pale lips – do you dare?


And please, if you haven’t already, go and see MAD MAX – FURY ROAD. It is PHENOMENAL.





In Monique Lhuillier

In Monique Lhuillier











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