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Under-Eye Concealer-as easy as 1,2,3!

Posted by Kay

The most underrated make-up ever? COVER-UP. Thandie and I both have dark under-eye circles (hello-who sleeps enough?) and our jobs have meant that we’ve had plenty of trial and error, trying to find the best products and the best technique for our skintones.

Your lipstick may pop, your eye make-up might smoulder as your cheeks reflect a wash of coral shimmer that all culminate fabulously with a delightful outfit-but if you, like us, have dark circle under your peepers, you can just look tired.

It always surprises me how many women are truly mystified, even clueless about under-eye concealer, and the difference in tone and texture to the cover up that you use on blemishes (drier, more neutral-toned). So Thandie and I shot some last minute pictures at her house (just before she left for LA!) as we’ve been meaning to show you just how simple it is, and show you the first steps that I’ve always done-without fail- on every look we’ve done together.

Thandie by Kay

Thandie au natural





















Step One Apply Concealer

Thandie Step2 800





















Next Step


And pat in like Thandie!

3 Patting Steps








Nextthing you know

And you’re concealed!

ThandieFinalConcealer 800





















Concealers we love:

Here I used Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in No.4, with a brush, but other peach-toned concealers I use on Thandie’s under-eye area include Bobbi Brown Corrector in Medium Peach, Clinique Airbrush in 02 Medium, Lancôme Le Eye Corrector Pro, Eve Lom Light Illusion Concealer.

Concealer is not intelligent, you can’t simply apply it under your eyes like an eye cream and expect it to know where it’s needed. The areas I painted the Laura Mercier concealer around Thandie’s eyes, are the most commonly dark areas. The peach to terracotta tones of these concealers have an effect of ‘brightening’ rather than simply lightening (which can just make you look lighter grey) the under-eye area. Pat, rather than wipe product in until the desired effect is achieved.

It is simple and won’t take much practice at all yet the difference is huge, and you may find that you can now get away with wearing that eye make-up or lipstick that you previously thought you couldn’t.

Cs psd






















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