Q A with Lucy Liu

1. What is your earliest make-up memory?

Watching my mother do her make up in one of those portable vanity mirrors with the lights on them. I remember there were 2 different light switches; one for daytime make up (which was much brighter) and one for night  (the light was a pink/yellow color for night time “mood” make up)

2. I feel most beautiful when…

I have been exercising and eating well.

You are using purple shampoo?

3. When you were a child, what was your Mother’s beauty routine?

Moisturizer, a hint of eyeliner and lipstick were always a part of her routine. i also remember her putting egg whites on her face as a mask occasionally.

4. Is make-up a chore or a delight?

I love make up and I love how it can really transform the way you look and feel; sometimes just a little blush can go a long way. if youre getting ready for an event, its fun to have everyone around to create a look for the evening. You may also like to check best nail clippers.

5. What’s been your worst beauty mishap?

Darkening my skin too much with make up so that it looks tan- I look back now and just think it looks so unnatural!

A foot massager can be a perfect selection for people that spend plenty of time on their feet.

6. If you could give one beauty gift what would it be?

Suqqu mascara is the best- it doesn’t smudge and it gives great volume and length

7. Where’s the craziest place you’ve done your make-up?

A tiny bathroom in an airport in Florida.  I was filming an indie movie and I had just gotten off the plane and there were no trailers or dressing rooms so we just did the makeup standing up in one of the stalls since the location was the actual airport. The toilet kept automatically flushing since it was on a sensor every time we moved. We laughed a lot.  Convenient and inconvenient!

8. What would you like to see more of in the beauty industry?

More foundations, concealers and blush colors that are right for all ethnicities and skin types.