Let’s Talk About The Tache…

Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene…’My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache. I use Jolene Cream Bleach’Jolen, Jolen, Jolene Jo-le e ene...'My name is Thandie and I have a bit of a tache and I use Jolene Cream Bleach'


While While in my Uber en route to The Second Marigold Hotel premiere (Thandie’s hubby Ol Parker was the screenwriter) last Tuesday, I checked our instagram and saw that Thandie had posted the above self-portrait with strategically placed Jolene Creme Bleach while getting ready at Claridges Hotel in London.

Our Facial Hair Arsenal of choice

I giggled to myself because I too had ‘dealt with my tache’ that day with my method of choice-Nair Facial Hair Removing Cream and having not seen Thandie since January, I loved that we were on the same wavelength, or rather, tache length.

I’m always nagging Thandie to do more selfies while at work for our instagram, and she came up trumps yesterday as there’s nothing like a little FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL to get the worldwide web going!


Neither of us are at Tom Selleck mouth-hedge levels but we do, like most women have a little non-blonde down (okay- alright- hair) above the upper lip.

More surprising is that it’s clearly still a little taboo, otherwise it would not have gone as viral so quickly, with women high-fiving Thandie for her candour with the facial fuzz.


Talking total tache

We talk a lot about hair at thandiekay, the type on our heads, wearing it curly, straight, or in fabulous fro, but we never talked tache before.

I prefer the bald feel of depilatory cream whereas Thandie is, post that post, an unofficial ambassador for Jolene Cream Bleach.

They found out I USE NAIR!

I’ve tried electrolysis and it was a right pain in the lip-the ratio of agony- to being ‘not that bothered’  meant actually, I’d rather not bother. Waxing makes me spotty (some kind of follicle meets unhappy pore situation) and the resulting brown marks on my olive skin more of a thing than the hair!

So there it is: ‘My name is Kay, I have a bit of a tache and I use hair removal cream’.