Truly Moving On from Cultural by TK Wonder

Singer TK Wonder has recently been featured in Vogue US, The Gap Holiday plus  &Other Stories campaigns along with her identical twin sister, Cipriana Quann (co-founder of Urban Bush Babes). SHE is currently working on her debut solo EP as well as fulfilling her role as executive contributor for Urban Bush Babes. “Move on already! It was a joke, get...

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Politics of Black Hair

From Angela Davis’ ‘fro to Rastafarian dreadlocks; black hairstyles are weighted with the cultural histories and struggles of the liberation of black people. As a black woman, I’ve come to learn that our hair will often be a bone of contention; something to ogle at and discuss at great length. Whether braided or wearing a twist-out, my hair is one...

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Anna Cofone’s work with Lana Del Rey

I first met the super talented Anna Cofone in the days when she assisted the legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight at the shows. I had no idea that I’d been admiring her work for some time without even realising- for she’s been doing Lana Del Rey‘s hairstyling for, well, pretty much everything ever since Lana blew up with her beautifully melancholic single Video Games. Anna got in...

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Mixed Heritage and ‘me’, by Rose Miyonga

Last week, TK was fortunate to have the sparkled voice of Tahmina Beghum of XXY magazine as she shared her experience of dual identity and frustrations with rigid concepts of personhood. This week, we are so excited for Rose Miyonga, one of our contributing editors to share with us her experiences the same subject. -Oyin Akande My mother is White...

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Cultural conundrums and dual fluidity by Tahmina Begum

  The young, bright, and awesome talent Tahmina Begum talks to us about cultural duality and being caught between preconceived identities. Tahmina is a writer and the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of  XXY Magazine, an agender culture, fashion, and art magazine and social platform for young emerging creatives focused on innovation and collaboration. ‘The Chat’ The other day, I...

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Letter to my daughter by Leyla Hussein

I happened to glance upon a filmed interview, based on misinterpretations of FGM (female genital mutilation)that was performed (and written, so I later found out) with a total poker face by Psychotherapist and Lead Anti FGM/Gender Rights campaigner Leyla Hussein. The satire (with stand up comedian Bridget Christie watch it here)was based on actual questions Leyla has been asked.  Whether...

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Thandie in W Magazine

The release of Westworld is around the corner (October 2016!) and the publicity machine has officially launched. All us actors have been gagging to talk about participating in the television event of the decade. Which is what Westworld is. It’s exceptional. I haven’t been this excited about a project for a really long time. The potential, the reach, the ambition...

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My Fitness in The Big Apple by Amerley Ollennu

With over 10 years experience in the field of beauty and lifestyle journalism, Amerley Ollennu has built a reputation for intelligent, creative, and award-nominated writing and has a real knack for capturing the Zeitgeist-that’s why we got her to live-tweet for us when we did a panel at Selfridges on diversity in the beauty industry which she then...

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