Q and A with Artist Zoe Buckman

I felt so strongly about Zoe’s work reflecting the recent revelations surrounding Dr.Dre‘s history of violence, prompted by the release of movie Straight Outta Compton, that I felt it deserved a post all by itself. Her ongoing project Every Curve explores the contradictory and complimentary influences of Feminism and Hip-Hop on her upbringing. She reminds me of Sam Taylor Wood – and the unique growth of...

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Rosalind Jana’s M-Up Adventures in Paradise

My first make-up bag was a small, shiny affair. The kind with a cheap zip and inside corners stained with glitter. It was stuffed with all the things a thirteen year old could desire: roll on shimmery eye shadow, mascaras in purple, blue and yellow, metallic eyeliners that flaked as soon as they were dry, palettes of sticky...

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Emeline Talks To Cheryl Jumbo of BBFA

A Cosmetic Scientist, Founder of Cherry Coco (a natural skincare company) and Black Beauty Communications ltd. Cheryl Jumbo, one of six children, was born in Glasgow to Nigerian parents. She recently announced the UK’s first ever beauty industry awards event for Black Beauty products aptly named the “Black Beauty and Fashion Awards”. We spoke about her experience in...

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