Truly Moving On from Cultural by TK Wonder

Singer TK Wonder has recently been featured in Vogue US, The Gap Holiday plus  &Other Stories campaigns along with her identical twin sister, Cipriana Quann (co-founder of Urban Bush Babes). SHE is currently working on her debut solo EP as well as fulfilling her role as executive contributor for Urban Bush Babes. “Move on already! It was a joke, get...

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Trump: Our Dark-winged Angel

If ever there was a time to collectively come together and grieve, it is now. As the world is reeling from the shock of Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential elections, now more than ever we are being handed an opportunity to do things differently. The whole experience allows us, individually and collectively, to expand or contract our hearts...

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My Year In Kenya

It’s the heat that hits you first. As soon as I step off the plane at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport it envelops me in a familiar embrace and I know that although I am more than 4000 miles away from London, I am home. It was never my intention to take a year out from my degree at...

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The Art of Eating Well

Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are the sisters behind London-based food company Hemsley+Hemsley. They began in business by supplying nutritious, home-cooked food to a variety of clients all over the world. A blog for British Vogue followed, which was I first discovered them. Finally, I thought, someone’s making sense about food, neither one extreme myth (eating raw is sustainable in an average working life) or the...

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New Year, Same You.

Sitting on a sofa full of clutter and a belly a little rounder than it was before Christmas, I’m writing ‘The New Year Post’. I’d planned on being all full of inspiration, having zestfully discussed with Thandie how great it would be to write a post that’s about celebrating who got you here, who you already are, rather...

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On the Spot

Acne. I used to think it was a prowling, menacing lurgy that left its mark. Waking up to a zinger on my face could be the difference between a feeling fly and feeling foul. It seems almost cruel that it can cling like fear to shy teens, struggling as they are to face the world. It doesn’t help...

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Eat Yourself Beautiful

I’ve had the amazing good fortune of being a client of naturopath Elizabeth Peyton Jones for a number of years. Her holistic approach to wellness includes nutrition, kinesiology, and vast experience in the power of the mind-body connection. Elizabeth is now focusing her energy on making her wisdom available for all – her first book ‘Eat Yourself Young’...

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Saving Face

Imagine.  An ordinary day. A voice that prompts you to turn, or answer the door, and in a few heartbeats your face, your identity, is easily and brutally disfigured for life. It’s the stuff of nightmares, of whispered contracts with God. It’s unimaginable. But acid attacks are a reality on a global scale. A few cases have been...

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Pirelli Disrupts the Pin-Up

The Italian tyre company, Pirelli, has published a calendar annually since 1964 and is known as a showcase for iconic photographers to shoot high fashion models normally robed in, rather than disrobed of the YSL. This iconic tradition is presented as a limited edition ‘art calender’, unlike the usual fayre adorning the sooty walls of 70’s car mechanics....

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Art in the age of Black Power Tate Modern

The show opens in 1963 at the height of the Civil Rights movement amidst the dreams of integration. From the Spiral art collective devoted to, and composed solely of African-American artists founded by Romare Bearden, Charles Alston, Norman Lewis, and Hale Woodruff; to Just Above Midtown (JAM), there have been pioneers who have dedicated gallery space to exhibit...

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